How Your Zodiac Sign Most Wants to Be Kissed ...


How Your Zodiac Sign Most Wants to Be Kissed ...
How Your Zodiac Sign Most Wants to Be Kissed ...

I think we can all agree that kissing is great. It’s one of the first intimate things that you do with another person in your youth, and it continues to be one of the most intimate things that you can do with any partner that you have in your adult life. One of the best things about kissing is that, even though it is effectively just pressing your lips to someone else’s, there is a huge variety of techniques and styles that you can use to impress and excite your lucky partner! Here is exactly how your zodiac sign most wants to be kissed.

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black, photograph, black and white, string instrument, monochrome photography, A natural thrill seeker, you crave a little something extra in your kisses. You like the feeling of being taken by surprise when you aren’t expecting it, like a quick stolen smooch out in public!



black and white, kiss, monochrome photography, emotion, love, You are a super physical person, so you don’t mind the pace of the pressure of the kiss, what you want most of for the hands to be involved all over your body too.


Taurus is an earth sign that is known for their physicality and sensuality. They love to be touched and caressed, and they enjoy long, passionate kisses that involve a lot of body contact. Taurus is also known for their loyalty and commitment, so they prefer kisses that are intimate and meaningful. They are not afraid to take things slow and enjoy the moment, and they appreciate kisses that are slow and gentle. Taurus loves to be kissed with passion and intensity, but they also appreciate a kiss that is gentle and tender. They enjoy exploring their partner’s body and being able to feel their connection.



kiss, romance, love, interaction, muscle, You are super intense and passionate, so any kiss worth talking about for you has to be nice and long; he better be trained for holding his breath for a good while!



romance, forehead, human, love, girl, You are a hopeless romantic, so the perfect kiss for you is the kind of kiss that covers all the bases, from hand-holding first to meaningful eye contact and then finally moving in for the kill.



face, black, photograph, black and white, person, You like your way or the highway, so you tend to take charge of any kissing session that you happen to be a part of! Your partner just has to go with your own flow!

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kiss, nose, lip, forehead, cheek, You are kind of traditional and you don’t like to venture too far into the unknown and experiment with your kissing too much. You think that a standard Frenchie is just fine!


Virgo is an earth sign, and is known for its practical, analytical, and hard-working nature. Virgos are often shy and reserved, and prefer to take things slow. They don’t like to rush into anything, especially when it comes to relationships.

When it comes to kissing, Virgos tend to be traditional and prefer the classic French kiss. They don’t like to venture too far into the unknown or experiment with their kissing. Virgos like to keep things simple and straightforward. They don’t like to take risks and prefer to take things slow and steady.

Virgos are also very detail-oriented and they pay close attention to the details of a kiss. They take their time and make sure that every kiss is perfect. They may take a few moments to savor the moment and make sure that everything is just right.

Virgos are also very romantic and they like to show their affection through gentle, passionate kisses. They are usually very gentle and tender with their kisses and they make sure that the other person is comfortable and enjoying the moment.



black and white, nose, chin, lip, monochrome photography, To you, kissing is a form of non-verbal communication, so you like to build up such an understanding with your partner that you can almost have a full emotional conversation just using your lips and tongue!


Libra is a sign that loves to build a strong connection with their partner through physical affection. They love to take their time and make sure that their partner is comfortable and enjoying the moment. They are gentle and passionate, and like to show that they care through their kisses. They are also great at reading their partner’s body language, so they can adjust their kiss depending on how their partner is responding. They are all about communication and connection, so they love to use their kisses to express their feelings.



photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, kiss, photography, You are so passionate that your make-out sessions can often look more like mouth fights! The more intense and crazy your kisses are, the more turned on you get!



man, nose, kiss, muscle, interaction, You enjoy the sort of innocence of kissing, which means that you like little pecks rather than deep Frenchies.



kiss, interaction, scene, romance, girl, You have extremely high standards when it comes to kissing, so you don’t mind what style they choose, all that matters is that they are an expert at it!


Capricorns are known for being ambitious, hardworking, and practical, but they also have a passionate side. When it comes to kissing, Capricorns are not afraid to show their emotions. They are passionate and intense, and they want to be kissed with the same level of intensity.

Capricorns are not picky when it comes to kissing styles. They just want their partner to be an expert at it. They love to be kissed deeply and passionately, and they are not afraid to take the lead. They will often surprise their partners with unexpected kisses that are both passionate and powerful.

Capricorns are also very romantic. They want to be kissed in a way that shows love and affection. They want their partner to take their time and show them how much they care. They want to be kissed slowly and sensually, and they love to be touched and caressed.

Capricorns also enjoy being kissed in public. They love to feel the attention and the admiration of others, and they enjoy being the center of attention. They want to be kissed in a way that shows that they are special and appreciated.



black, black and white, man, monochrome photography, muscle, It takes a little while for you to warm up to the intimacy of kissing, but when you are in the mood, you like gentle, soft kisses the best.



photograph, face, black and white, monochrome photography, beauty, For you, kissing is more about the build-up and anticipation than the actual lip to lip action, so making good eye contact before doing it can make or break the mood for you.

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