How to Call off an Engagement with Class ...


How to Call off an Engagement with Class ...
How to Call off an Engagement with Class ...

When you get engaged, you do so with the belief that this person is ‘the one’ and that you have finally found the guy who you are going to spend the rest of your life with. However, we all only human, and humans are prone to changing their mind! Maybe you said yes too quickly, maybe you said yes because you thought you were running out of time, maybe you said yes because you didn’t have the heart to say no! Whatever the circumstances might be, the one thing left to do when you change your mind is call the thing off. Here is how to call off an engagement with class.

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Face to Face

You absolutely have to do this face to face. You know how it sucks to be dumped over text? Well, times that by a million for breaking off an engagement! You can’t go from promising your life to someone to ending things via an on-screen message. It will be tough, and there will most definitely be a conflict to navigate, but you owe it to your partner to be present with them with you share your feelings.


Accept Some Responsibility

It’s pretty likely that the blame won’t be able to be placed on one person or the other, so make sure to accept your share of responsibility for the break down of the engagement. You will be able to leave the relationship with a much clearer conscience if you share the responsibility. You don’t want to go on and live the rest of your life knowing that you put an unnecessary amount of blame on your ex.


Recall Good Memories

Try to help your partner understand that it wasn’t always a bad relationship. Leave them with memories of the good times so that you can part on more positive and amicable terms. It will be easier for both of you in the end if you can understand that just because things didn’t work out, the relationship overall wasn’t a waste of time.


Long Explanation

Just because it might feel easier for you to drop the bomb and then disappear, you owe it to your partner to give them a long and detailed explanation for why you are calling off the engagement. The more they can understand your feelings and your reasoning, the better they will be able to get over the relationship and hopefully move on in the same way that you want to.


Handle the Friends and Relatives

You are the one who is calling it off, so you should take it upon yourself to let all of your family and friends know about the development. You can be the one who answers questions and receives communications, because your ex will still be dealing with their own feelings and almost certainly will not want to reopen the wound by having to reveal the news to everyone they know.

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