Girl's Guide on Dating with a Purpose ...


Girl's Guide on Dating with a Purpose ...
Girl's Guide on Dating with a Purpose ...

Want to learn how to date with purpose? Being stuck in a cycle of unsuccessful dating can be very difficult. With every frog, there is the undeniable hope that it will somehow magically turn into a prince.

Realistically, there are only so many disappointments a girl can and should handle. Often times our expectations are greater than the standards we set for ourselves. Having a natural need to be loved can lead you right on the path of dating with desperation. In order to find the man of your dreams, dating will have to become a well thought out strategic plan. Here are 3 tips to help learn how to date with purpose so you can find your one true love.

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Personality Power

It is very important to make sure you possess the attributes you would like in a mate. Take the time to work on yourself to acquire those characteristics you seek. Become what you desire in a partner. If you desire a man that is loving, kind, and loyal, you must be of these things as well. You will always attract what you are. So practice being your idea mate and you've pretty much figured out how to date with purpose.


Communication is Key

Before going out for coffee or a quick bite to eat, take the time to communicate effectively. Through communication, you will discover how many likes and dislikes you have in common. Communication offers the opportunity for transparency. Learn about his family and his former romantic relationships or marriages. Listen to his thoughts and philosophies on life and love. All the things you need to know lie in simple communication. If you find the two of you texting and talking several times a day, this is a good sign. A man should be willing to listen to whatever you want to relate to him.


Make a Wish

I am all for a reasonable wish list. A wish list for your ideal partner should consist of those things that will have an overall impact on your life. Things such as religious views and lifestyle. Do away with the superficial list. It’s not uncommon for an amazing guy to be hit with an ugly stick, or to lack the physical features that you’ve dreamed about since you were a little girl. Make a list of four things that you really want, and cross your fingers for at least three. Be flexible in what you wish for.

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