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Game-Changing Dating Tips for Girls with Depression ...

By Corina

Dating with depression can be a real challenge sometimes! Statistics show that about 18 million Americans suffer from depression each year and that around 20 million individuals worldwide use dating websites each month. There are a lot of people who are in both these groups, but dating with depression is not that easy. Even though meeting a new person can be a source of joy, for a depressed person this is not always an occasion to smile. Dating with depression is hard, especially because people who suffer from this affective disorder often feel numb and empty, they second-guess themselves, they have trouble concentrating at work and sometimes they can’t eat or sleep normally. If you are in this situation, here is what you should know:

1 Consider Professional Help

Since dating with depression can be a real challenge sometimes, you should consider seeking professional help if this affective disorder affects multiple areas in your life. If you’re depressed, dating can magnify some of depression’s symptoms, like reduced libido, fatigue, irritability or low self-esteem.

2 The Timing Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Try to remember that the timing doesn’t have to always be perfect. You might meet the man or the woman of your dreams when you least expect it, so don’t ignore someone just because you are now depressed and you think that because of this situation, your relationship would not work. Depression can make you feel helpless, so by getting out and dating again, you will feel more in control of your life.


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3 Focus on Your Date

I know that sometimes this may be a bit difficult to achieve, but make an effort and try to focus on your date. Depression can make you aware of your own suffering, so try to change your focus and be interested in what’s going on around you. Ask your date more questions in order to get to know them better, because by being actively engaged in a conversation, you will improve your mood.

4 The Future Does Hold Possibility

Try to always remind yourself that the future does hold possibility and that you never know what a wonderful man or woman you could meet if you would just start dating again. You could even meet the love of your life, so even if it’s hard, try not to focus so much on the negative side of things and explore all those possibilities you have of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

5 Be Kind to Yourself

When you’re on a date, try to remember to be kind to yourself and to simply enjoy the other person’s company. Try to avoid negative self-talk as much as possible and start believing that nice things will happen to you too. Accept yourself just the way you are and love yourself a bit more!

6 Try Not to Seek Reassurance

When you’re suffering from depression, you might feel a greater need to seek reassurance and here I’m talking about the fact that you might be looking for your date to boost your self-esteem by confirming that you are a lovable and worthy individual. Try to avoid asking for confirmation of how much they care for you because this type of behavior can be overwhelming and a turn-off to potential dates.

7 Don’t Stake All of Your Happiness on the Success of One Date

Try not to stake all of your happiness on the success of one date, especially if you are suffering from depression, because you are more vulnerable to feeling rejected or upset if a date doesn’t go well. Just keep trying and don’t lose hope, even if you feel like giving up sometimes!

Dating with depression can be a real challenge sometimes, but you never know when you can meet your significant other, so don’t give up on dating if you suffer from this affective disorder. Do you know any other helpful tips about dating with depression? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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