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How to Decode His Style ...

By Vanessa

Fashion says a lot about a person. Sometimes I think that's a bad thing because as much as I feel like dressing fabulously, my sweatpants always seem to win. LOL! Girls aren't the only ones who think about their OOTD (outfit of the day)... guys do too! Check out some of the popular styles and what they say about the guy who's wearing it!

Table of contents:

  1. The preppy guy
  2. The rocker
  3. The jock
  4. The flashy guy

1 The Preppy Guy

Preppy guys are classic and easy to read. They like everything to look clean and polished, and that goes for their love lives too - no drama! They're loyal in love and don't feel like changing things up too much.

2 The Rocker

This guy is very in tune with his emotions. If this is your type, you've hit the trifecta if he's got the messy hair, vintage band tee, and edgy personality. He's got a creative mind and likes to channel his energy in productive ways like making music!

3 The Jock

Those tight shirts aren't just revealing some beautiful muscles! They're also revealing the fact that he's super disciplined and strong-willed. He sets his mind to something and doesn't quit until he's achieved his goal. So, when he says he's going to call you, you can take his word for it.

4 The Flashy Guy

This guy loves looking and acting super cool. He's got the long necklaces, designer shades, etc. Most of the time, these "confident" guys still need a little push before they finally make a move. An easy way to win them over is to compliment their style. After all, they work so hard on it!

What's your favorite 'style' that you've seen boys rock?

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