9 Subtle Ways to Let Him Know You like Him without Looking Desperate ...


Ways to Let Him Know You Like Him without seeming too desperate are hard! After all, you don’t want to come off as psycho right off the bat right? Well ladies, I’m a guru on ways to let him know you like him without seeming desperate! Below are 9 of the top ways to let him know you like him, so you can come off as subtle rather than desperate!

1. Act Flirty

Every guy likes to be flirted with! Face it. It makes them feel sexy, feel wanted and is definitely one of the top ways to let him know you like him! So flirt a little, give a coy little smile, touch his hair – it’s all part of the plan ladies!

Compliment Him


keylli jimenez
hi my name is keylli my ex who is my bestfriend yeah i know so he doesnt want to say hi or have random and funny or just little conversations like we used to he"s ignoring me and one more thing im in ...
Heather Jensen
Hi Ela! I don't think so, I think that he is actually just a little shy. I'd see if you can flirt with him a little more and see how he reacts! :)
I like this guy and we just met more than a month ago.. We became close instantly until he became very touchy with me. Tickling me, placing his arms around my shoulder and accompanying me home. Howeve...
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! Truthfully, it sounds like he does not feel the same about you -- he really just wants you as a friend. I'd say that you need to break it off with him, don't fight and argue, just be his fr...
So there's this guy I'm in love with and no matter how hard I try to stop liking him I can't. We were friends and dated for a couple months, things didn't work out and I felt really hurt. He knows I'm...
Heather Jensen
Hi Yas! Thanks for visiting! We love that you read us! Have you talked to him anymore? I'd say if you can get him alone to actually speak to him, that would be your best bet!
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