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9 Subtle Ways to Let Him Know You like Him without Looking Desperate ...

By Heather

Ways to Let Him Know You Like Him without seeming too desperate are hard! After all, you don’t want to come off as psycho right off the bat right? Well ladies, I’m a guru on ways to let him know you like him without seeming desperate! Below are 9 of the top ways to let him know you like him, so you can come off as subtle rather than desperate!

1 Act Flirty

Every guy likes to be flirted with! Face it. It makes them feel sexy, feel wanted and is definitely one of the top ways to let him know you like him! So flirt a little, give a coy little smile, touch his hair – it’s all part of the plan ladies!

2 Compliment Him

For as much as guys love flirting, they love compliments too! Compliments are truly one of the most fantastic ways to let him know you like him and what you like about him. Like his body? Tell him! What about his hair? Let him know!

3 Deep Conversations

Finding different ways to let him know you like him is hard work, but if you are finding yourself having deep and meaningful conversations, typically guys take that as a sign. If you’re on a first date with a guy and you’re just not into him, don’t you keep the conversation short? Well, one of the surefire ways to let him know you like him is to strike up a good conversation – he’ll appreciate the chance to get to know you!

4 Smile

Girls, do you often smile at a guy that you like? If not, beam those pearly whites at him! Not only will it give him a reason to approach you, but smiling is a great way to make yourself look your best. So flash that incredible smile his way!

5 Be Yourself

Never compromise who you are for a guy. I can’t stress this enough. If you really like a guy, you want him to like you, for you, not for someone you’ve made yourself into. So why not just be yourself? It’ll go a long way, I promise.

6 Coyness

I think that coyness is one of the best and most under utilized tools we women have. Men love when a girl is a little coy, when their a little flirty and when they shy away. It’s cute, it’s adorable and they like the chance to try to pull you out of your shell!

7 Invitations out

A guy shouldn’t be the only one that asks the girl out. If you truly like a guy, why not ask him out? I’m not saying all of the time, but a causal ‘let’s hang out’ statement, makes a huge difference to a guy!

8 Subtle Touches

Guys respond not to just how we look, but also touches. I’m not saying hang all over him, but subtle touches of brushing ‘imaginary lint’ off of his shoulder or brushing his hair away from his eyes go a long way! Just keep it clean and light and you’ll definitely make an impression!

9 Slip Him Your Phone Number

So you’ve been chattin’ up the guy at the gym, but gym time is over. What do you do? Well, slip him your business card or jot down your phone number on a slip of paper. That way, the ball is in his court!

I know that finding ways to let him know you like him is hard and awkward at times, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t push the envelope a little bit. What ways to let him know you like him do you ladies use? Do you have any tricks for us girls that have crushes but don’t know how to tell them?

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