How to Feel More Comfortable when Naked in Front of Your Bae ...

By Sici

Wondering how to feel more comfortable when naked in front of your bae? It seems silly, but you would probably be surprised by how many people, even though they are in full on relationships, are scared and nervous about being naked in front of their partners. The thought of standing nude in front of someone, even someone who you engage in regular sexual contact with, can sometimes fill you with dread. It is a combination of vulnerability and embarrassment that a lot of people find it hard to get past. However, it is a problem than can be eased over time. Here is how to feel more comfortable when naked in front of your bae.

Table of contents:

  1. consider the setting
  2. talk it out
  3. self esteem
  4. think about bae
  5. does bae feel insecure too?

1 Consider the Setting

The setting is one of the best things to consider when learning how to feel more comfortable when naked in front of your bae. It isn’t just about your body, it’s about the setting that that body is going to be naked in! You can do a lot of work with candles and low lighting. Not only do those types of things help to create romance, but they can also help to take the edge off of being there naked with your partner. You might want to avoid situations like full sunlight in favour of night time, where there is little more darkness to take comfort from!

2 Talk It out

Why not try to talk it over with your bae? Tell them about the insecurities that you feel regarding your body, and they might be able to help in some way. You might not want to be touched on your tummy, or you might just want a little romantic reassurance from him. Whatever the deal may be, it is always best to verbalise your feelings as opposed to keeping them deep down inside.

3 Self Esteem

It might not be a physical problem with your body at all, it might be more of a self-esteem and self-confidence issue. If so, then seek out some ways to try to boost your mental opinion of yourself. There are plenty of mindfulness and therapeutic apps available right there in your hand. Test the waters and see if you discover something that can be of use to you.

4 Think about Bae

If your partner is the only person you are getting naked in front of, then you need to remember that he doesn’t seem to be having any kind of problem with your body, does he!? The fact that you are enjoying a regular, passionate sex life in spite of your own image issues tells you that he must think you are perfect just the way you are, and realising this could lead to a boost in your self-esteem and self-confidence.

5 Does Bae Feel Insecure Too?

If you have noticed that your intimate encounters always have a reserved nature to them and you are only blaming yourself, have you considered that your partner might also be feeling insecure about their own body? The only way to solve this is to start a dialogue about it. If it turns out to be the case, then you can start working on elevating each other’s self-esteem together.

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