How to Be a Great 👏 Kisser 💋 when You Wear Glasses 🤓 ...

Wondering how to kiss when you wear glasses? Anybody who wears glasses will be all too familiar with the issue of kissing with them on your face! They are essentially a metal or plastic blockade that rest quietly on the bridge of your nose, waiting to ruin any kind of impulsive romantic decision that you might want to make. If you happen to be contending with kissing somebody else who is also wearing glasses, then the problem becomes an even bigger one! If you have had some bad kissing with glasses experiences in the past, then I’m here to make sure that your future romantic episodes are much smoother and less bumpy! Here are some tips for how to kiss when you wear glasses.

1. Keep Your Hair Back

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One of the best answers for how to kiss when you wear glasses is to keep your hair out of the way. You’ve already got a lot to deal with on the bridge of your nose, so the last you need is a hunk of hair in your face as well! Try to wear your hair back as often as possible when kissing is going to be a part of your day. Not only does it provide an extra distraction, but it can also get caught up in the hinges of your glasses, making the act of taking them off when the time is right potentially painful!

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