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How to Survive the Morning after a One Night Stand for Girls Avoiding the Walk of Shame ...

By Helena

It's important that I start this off by saying: having (lots of) sex and/or a one night stand is totally OK. You are not a massive slut, or anything else society deems women that enjoy being with men. As long as you are safe in your encounters, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't enjoy your life how ever you see fit.

Having said that - the walk of shame is possibly the worst thing to come out of a one night stand (unless you're grossed out by actual cum). The majority of the time, you're wearing last nights sassy outfit (including five-inch heels) that no longer looks sassy but kind of classless in the bright sun. Your makeup may be running down your face, smeared lipstick, and your hair full of knots - it happens! I've most certainly been there, done that, and gotten the t-shirt (and by t-shirt, I mean his oversized t-shirt). Now, it's time for me to impart my wisdom upon you.


I know you don't want to take a big purse out with you when you're partying or going out for the evening - and it doesn't have to be THAT big - just large enough to fit in a few essentials. These essentials are what I call "the one night stand kit" (and am surprised as to why I haven't monetised on it yet!).


In this magical kit, you'll have a travel-sized face wash, moisturiser, deodorant, a hair tie, and a toothbrush. If you're wanting to go the whole nine yards, include toner, cotton wool pads, toothpaste, a tester of perfume, and enough money for a cab ride. You'll also need to include the bare essentials of makeup - foundation, blush, and mascara.


Next, have a shirt (that matches your dress, skirt, or pants) and a pair of ballet pumps in there. This will come in handy to hide the amazing cleavage you displayed last night and the heels you so adore. By swapping out your shoes and top, you'll be able to cover up the indiscretions from the night before.


I know that these items may seem to take up a lot of space, but they really don't. A normal-sized handbag will do the trick. You can alway optimise your space by hiding some cash in your bra. In that way, you're eliminating the need for a chunky wallet.


If you're a university student, don't leave the guy's place at 7:50am when the birds are chirping, friends are meeting for coffee before class, and bright-eyed students are on their way to the library. Time your escape for when class is in session. That way, you'll minimise the crowds.

6 Own It

But if you DO see the crowds, own your sexual encounters! Go home and tell all of your friends about the fun (or weird) details and have a laugh and or cringe about it all. When you get older - you'll have enough material to write a memoir, or do stand up comedy.

7 The "S" or "W" WORD

If anyone hits you with the "S" word, or the "W" word, or even gives you snarky looks or comments - you should metaphorically punch them in the mouth because no one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

After following these tips, you'll look fresh AF the next day. And even though you may still be walking home feeling as though everyone knows exactly what you did last night - they really don't. They'll simply be envious of the woman who walks confidently with a huge smile on her face.

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