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Uses of a phone can fall into two categories: useless and stupid (like for drunk texting your ex) and good (like texting your sweetie). There can also be great uses of a phone for dating… seriously! Not sure what I mean? Keep reading! Here are 8 incredibly smart uses of a phone for dating.

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Send a Sweet Text

It’s amazing what a little text can do! I love the “good morning” texts and the “just thinking of you” texts and the “good night” texts, and all of the other little texts in between — they’re simple and quick and can go a long way to showing your guy you care. This is one of my favorite uses of a cell phone for dating!


Snap a Photo of You Two Together

Almost every cell phone on the planet has a camera function, so why not take advantage of this and snap a photo of you and your sweetie together? Ask him, of course, before posting it to Facebook or Twitter or before sharing it with anyone, but I love the idea of using a cell phone to take a photo of the guy you’re into!


Check in

Here’s a use of a cell phone for dating that most of us don’t think really consider. If a guy is into you, he might be stalking you (a little!) on Facebook, and he might be paying attention to your check ins to see when and where you’re out and about… and he just might show up, unexpectedly! Why not give it a try?


Do a Little Checking…

While you’re at it, why not do a little social networking/stalking from your cell phone, yourself? Most smart phones have social networking apps (like Facebook and Twitter) so give it a try and check out that new guy while you have a few minutes on the train?


Get Some Pointers (from Us!)

Di you know that you can take All Women Stalk on the go with you? If you’re smart phone is web-enabled, why not get tips from us while you’re trying to decide how to tell if that guy is into you, or while you’re trying to figure out where to meet up later. We have loads of great dating advice!


Set up Your Profile, and Check It!

Many online dating services have smart phone apps you can download and use no matter where you are. Use your cell phone camera to take a few flattering pics, then use your cell phone to set up an account (or two!) and keep using your cell phone to check new messages… fun!


Keep in Touch

This is more of a dating safety tip, but it’s still an important way to use your cell phone for dating. Check in with your friends with texts and phone calls so they know where you are, and who you’re with, all the time. Be a safety girl, and encourage your friends to do the same.


Call Him… or Wait for Him to Call You?

I’m a traditional girl. When I meet a guy I like, I give him my card, and he can contact me. My card has my cell phone number on it, so if he’s interested, he’ll call! But if you’re a little more modern and bolder than me, feel free to ask a guy for his number, and call him! Why not?

I know there are so many ways to use your cell phone for dating, but these are my favorites! Which of these uses do you use the most? Which ones will you try next? Or do you use your cell phone to help dating in another way? Please share!

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