10 Wonderfully Unconventional but Impressively Effective Online Dating Tips ...


10 Wonderfully Unconventional but Impressively Effective Online Dating Tips ...
10 Wonderfully Unconventional but Impressively Effective Online Dating Tips ...

Online dating tips are a must-have if you plan to jump back into the dating pool by harnessing the power of the internet. Most of the basics are explained on the dating sites themselves, but you’ll need some tips from a girl who knows all about it (me!) to bring you up to speed and online dating with the best of them. Here are 10 wonderfully unconventional but impressively effective online dating tips to get you started.

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Register with Them All

There are literally thousands of online dating sites out there, so why just register with one? Do a little homework and figure out which four or five work for you then register with them all! Be prepared to spend about a half an hour setting up each profile. This is the best way to get yourself out there, and get as much exposure to as many men as possible.


Don’t Be Afraid to Chat

Most online dating sites have an instant chat feature. Why not use it? It’s usually free, and it’s a good way to send a quick, flirtatious message with someone you find attractive or interesting. Not bold enough for that? Then take advantage of the “poke” or “wink” features instead.


Use Loads of Photos

It bothers me when a guy only has one grainy, dark photo of himself on his online dating profile. I want to see more photos, so I would advise you to post loads of (flattering) photos of yourself on your own profile! Make sure none of them are inappropriate, and that you’re smiling in most if not all of them.


Go “boy Shopping”

My old roommate Melissa is the one who introduced me to the idea of “boy shopping.” She would just scroll through all of her potential matches, and winnow them down based on purely window-treatment qualities. First, she’d set aside the ones she thought were cute. Then she’d read their profiles and narrow it down to ten or 12 based on those two things. Then she would contact those ten or 12 guys. Shallow, maybe. Did it work? Yes. Because let’s face it, sometimes the girl has to be the one to take action.


Wink/poke a Lot

Remember how I advised you to take advantage of the instant messenger feature on dating websites? I also want to add that you don’t have to use them sparingly. Use them, and the wink and poke features a LOT. It’s fun!


Feel Free to Be Shallow

Even when we’re out and about, we decide who we’re interested in based mostly on their appearance. Their looks, the ways they’re dressed, the context in which we meet them. Online dating is no different, so though you may feel shallow discounting a guy because you don’t like his photos (or in my case, grammar), don’t. You’re not shallow. That’s how this little game works.


… but Don’t Always Judge a Book by Its Cover

I say that with a grain of salt though! There are sites where you’re not even able to see photos until later in the communication process. If you are impressed with someone’s profile or messages, go ahead and reserve judgment, even if you can’t see a photo yet.


Be Spontaneous!

Loads of experts advise you to chat for a long time before you meet someone, or, if someone asks you out at the last minute to say no, but I disagree! I say, be spontaneous! Why not?


Make It a Group Activity

My cousin/roommate and I often sit side by side and compare notes on the weirdos (and hotties)we stumble across while boy shopping. Gather a group of your single friends, grab your laptop, and do a little window-shopping o f your own. You’d be surprised how bold and brave you can be, and how much fun it is!


As Always, Be SAFE

All jokes aside, you absolutely must be safe while online dating, or dating in real life. Don’t ever meet anyone in a secluded place. Don’t ever let anyone pick you up at home. And trust your instincts! If something doesn’t feel right, end the date, get somewhere safe, or call the police.

Now that you know how, when and where to do the online dating thing, gather your most flattering photos and your best girlfriends, and get out there! Which of these online dating tips do you think will help you change your online dating game? Do tell!

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