9 Indoor Dates That'll Keep You Two Safe from the Summer Sun ...


It's fun to go to the beach or chill in the pool with your partner, but you won't always be in the mood to get blasted by the sun. Sometimes, you'd prefer the AC to the UV. That's why it's important to have some indoor date ideas to try. Here are a few that'll keep you safe from the summer sun:

1. Visit a Planetarium

It would be sweet to watch the stars at night, but there are way too many bugs out at this time of year. If you're worried about mosquito bites, try going to a planetarium instead. That way, you won't end up itchy, and you won't have to stay up super late either.

Go Bowling


Why would you want to stay inside ? Slap on some sunscreen , sunglasses a hat and go get some good ole vitamin d!!
Cee Vee
We did a general pop quiz with each other and the forfeits were 10 kisses.... It made for a nice game until you realise he asks difficult questions for you to loose :)
These are genius! Definitely going to try these out with my hubby over the summer ☺️
Bailey Justice
Cool ideas!
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