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Insight for the Girls Who Can't Take a Hint ...

By Adriana

One of the most common mistakes we make as women is doing the opposite of what we hear come out of a man's mouth.

Why is it that when a man says, “I’m not looking for a relationship right now” we think that means “I want you to change my mind?”

We have got to stop doing that! If you are at a place where you would like to be in a relationship, ditch the emotionally unavailable guys! No matter how fine he is, how much he calls you, and how special he makes you feel, LEAVE HIM ALONE.

He doesn’t want a relationship, so stop trying to give him one. You know what happens when you do? A situationship! A situationship is where feelings are involved but there is no commitment. You tell him you love him and he just might say it back, but he could be saying it back while he’s laying next to someone else because he’s technically not yours..

Rhetorical question here, who do you think gets hurt more during a situationship? The person who didn’t want to be in a relationship or the person who wanted to be in one?

THINK ladies. If he’s not ready for you let him mess up someone else’s make up, not yours. RUN!

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