Nerdy Girls Unite All the Reasons Why the Smarter You Are the Sexier You Are ...


Nerdy Girls Unite  All the Reasons Why the Smarter You Are the Sexier You Are ...
Nerdy Girls Unite  All the Reasons Why the Smarter You Are the Sexier You Are ...

Takeaway: Can I be smart AND sexy?

There are plenty of guys (and gals) who believe the smarter you are, the sexier are. Smart is sexxxy! Yes physical attraction is important but it isn't the whole story. After the initial attraction, there needs to be something to keep the interest going. When you're smart there's plenty in your favor in the relationship stakes. knows intelligence is attractive and here are the reasons why they believe, and you should believe, that smart equals sexy.

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We’re Always up for a Challenge

person, nose, photography, singer, photo shoot, As intelligent women, we aren’t just going to nod our heads and agree with everything those around us say for the sake of not rocking the boat. We have substance, soul, and strong opinions of your own. If we disagree with something, we’ll definitely speak your mind and we’re always able to back ourselves up.


We Definitely Don’t Need Guys in Our Lives to Be Happy and Fulfilled

person, mouth, screenshot, Guys who date smart women know that we’re not Stage 5 clingers that need him to pay our rent or buy us things. Smart women have careers, passions, and interests outside of our relationships. If a guy is lucky enough to land one of us, he should thank his lucky stars that he has an independent woman that wants him, not needs him.


We Can Carry on a Conversation for Hours

performance art, sports, Cute faces and cellulite-free thighs can only go so far (though they’re definitely a plus). Being a woman who can hold a conversation, debate our opinions, and go toe-to-toe with the other person’s intellect is HAWT. Ask any guy you know: intelligence is sexy.


We Demand Respect

hair, blond, long hair, anime, romance, We know our worth isn’t found in our beauty, but we possess an attractiveness that can’t be pinpointed. We don’t care about being trophy wives or the hottest girls in the room — we’d much rather be admired and respected for being smart, passionate, capable women who take no prisoners.


We’re Passionate and Driven

person, professional, profession, What’s sexier than women who give a sh*t about something other than makeup or taking selfies? It’s not that we don’t love more superficial things too, but we know what’s going on in the world. We’re passionate about the causes we’re involved in and we educate ourselves on what matters because it’s important to be engaged with the world around us. Who wouldn’t love that?


We Think Differently

eyewear, face, glasses, nose, vision care, Smart women possess the ability to look at the world through a different lens. We’ve spent time working on ourselves and getting to know ourselves, and we ooze a depth that most people covet.


We Don’t Rely on Our Beauty

image, person, And that’s what makes us beautiful. There are no desperate selfies of her scantily clad body to garner men’s attention — our beauty comes from our inner sanctum, not from our perfect winged eyeliner or her doe-eyed Instagram posts. We know all of that’s temporary, so we don’t place all our stock in our poreless skin or flat stomach, but rather in self-development and building killer lives for ourselves.


We’re Not Afraid to Fight

face, nose, black hair, mouth, singer, We’ll tell you when we’re pissed. We won’t play emotional head games, and we’ll swallow our pride and speak up when we don’t agree with something, even if it leads to a serious argument. We’re not scared of confrontation because we know that it will provide a learning opportunity and help us continue to grow as people.


We’re Not Easily Manipulated

glasses, eyewear, darkness, vision care, midnight, When in a relationship, men can sniff out when a woman isn’t on his level intellectually, and the wrong guy can use that to manipulate, control and wield power. While it’s against popular opinion in some circles, men want a woman who is a true equal. It’s like having a best friend, lover and adventure partner all in one — what’s not to love? We fit the bill there, though it’s certainly not for a dude’s benefit.


We Know What We Want and Won’t Stop until We Get It

person, Men are all for assertiveness inside the bedroom, but they also love it when we have the same confidence outside. We know what we want and we speak up about it because we know that’s the only way we have a chance of getting it. There’s nothing sexier than women who speak our minds instead of twirling our hair and saying “I don’t know” when someone asks us what’s wrong.


We Have Better Sex

human action, person, black and white, kiss, monochrome photography, Studies show that intelligent women have up to twice as many orgasms than our less brainy counterparts. Chalk this up to Emotional Intelligence (EQ), also known as our ability to understand and express our emotions while reacting to the emotions of others. For women, sex begins in the mind, and the more we’re in touch with your emotions, the better sex we’re bound to have.

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