7 Inspirational Quotes for the Broken Hearted ...

There are a lot of quotes for the broken hearted that are encouraging and uplifting. Whether you’re going through a situation that involves a friend, lover, or family member, heartbreak can appear at anytime during any circumstance. Sometimes all only takes a few words to bring you out of a rut. So if you or someone you know needs a little cheering up during a time of emotional distress, then here are a few quotes for the broken hearted that may help the healing process by being a constant reminder that everything will be okay.

1. A Broken Heart is Inevitable

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Oscar Wilde’s quote is probably one of the best quotes for the broken hearted because it really helps you realize that the heart is not immune to sadness. Your heart will at times be trampled on, used and abused, and taken for granted. However, once you start to accept the fact that the heart was made to feel both joy and pain, it will become easier for you to deal with any heartbreak. Mending your broken heart won’t be such an impossible thing to do because you’ll understand that the heart was built to endure such upsetting experiences.

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