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There are a lot of quotes for the broken hearted that are encouraging and uplifting. Whether you’re going through a situation that involves a friend, lover, or family member, heartbreak can appear at anytime during any circumstance. Sometimes all only takes a few words to bring you out of a rut. So if you or someone you know needs a little cheering up during a time of emotional distress, then here are a few quotes for the broken hearted that may help the healing process by being a constant reminder that everything will be okay.

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A Broken Heart is Inevitable

A Broken Heart is Inevitable Oscar Wilde’s quote is probably one of the best quotes for the broken hearted because it really helps you realize that the heart is not immune to sadness. Your heart will at times be trampled on, used and abused, and taken for granted. However, once you start to accept the fact that the heart was made to feel both joy and pain, it will become easier for you to deal with any heartbreak. Mending your broken heart won’t be such an impossible thing to do because you’ll understand that the heart was built to endure such upsetting experiences.


Love Will Hurt

Love Will Hurt There’s an opposite of everything in life. You can’t have the good without the bad or experience the positive without some negative. It’s the same way with relationships and love. Love can make you feel on top of the world, like nothing could ever go wrong. On the other hand, it can make you want to disappear from the world and just hide under a rock. Overall, love can hurt, so don’t be surprised when it does.


Pain Brings along the Real Thing

Pain Brings along the Real Thing Bad relationship experiences can help you grow and mature. A broken heart is necessary in life to help you become stronger and bolder for future encounters with love. Without these experiences you won’t know how to handle another broken heart or to do things differently when you finally find true love. Therefore, embrace it even when it hurts and know that there’s always a great lesson and blessing underneath your pain.


Get Rid of the Culprit

Get Rid of the Culprit This is a very powerful quote because it reminds you to be tougher with your emotions. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and crying over someone who breaks your heart, let that person go-physically, mentally, and emotionally! Set yourself free from that person so that you won’t have to experience the same pain more than once. Some people will never change, and if you’re involved with someone who continues to hurt you then it’s time to release yourself from emotional bondage.


Don’t Distance Yourself

Don’t Distance Yourself The worst thing you can do is refuse to love again after you have been hurt from losing love. Closing off your heart will only make you miss out on other chances of being loved and cared for again. Plus, it’ll make you bitter and resentful towards others who have nothing to do with your pain. Learn to forgive and look forward to something even greater! Do not miss out on other opportunities life has in store for you.


One Step Closer to Real Love

One Step Closer to Real Love It’s true, ladies. You may just experience disappointment by a loved one more than once before you actually find the one. It’s a cycle that a lot of us will go through in life. However, it’s a great learning experience and teaches us what not to do or what to look for in future relationships with someone new. So, don’t let bitterness cause you to give up on love just because of one bad apple. Like the saying goes: “There are plenty more fish in the sea.”


You Hold the Key to Your Heart

You Hold the Key to Your Heart You ultimately hold the key to your heart and decide whom to hand it over to. You are also in charge of your feelings, so how you choose to respond to the sudden end of a relationship is up to you. Nothing and no one can bring you down without your permission. Therefore, learn to guard your heart like it’s your most prized possession. Take back your happiness and joy today, and don’t allow something that can’t be changed to take over your life.

Having a broken heart can be hard to overcome, but it can be done. It takes strength, courage, and determination to accept that what is broken can’t be repaired. Once you realize that love hurts, that heartbreak doesn’t last forever, and that you’re the manager of your own emotions, then you will eventually be on your way to finding true happiness in your relationships. What are some other inspiring quotes that have helped you heal from heartbreak?

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someone told me that it's fun to fall in love! I always thought we were only supposed to love one person our whole lives!

perfect timing , feel better already !!! thank you so much

Me to been 3 days now and feel lost:0(

This really helps! my heart was broken months ago and im still not over it but this helped me remember there is a silver lining!

WOW LOVE IT!!!💜💔!!am going thru this right!!!😪💔!!!Ty very helpful!!!

perfect timing

break ups are tough, especially if you really loved the person. but just remember gurls, never ever beg for him back. value yourself.

The one for you may be experiencing the same thing, but in the end, you'll understand why it needs to happen :)

I am going thru it now. I just remind myself that if it was not a blessing it was a lesson. I know I have learned a lot from that experience. :)

Needed this at this very moment

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