7 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart ...


7 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart ...
7 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart ...

There are lots of different ways to heal a broken heart, but going through it is so, so difficult. If you've found yourself with a broken heart but have no idea about any of the ways to heal a broken heart, you've got to take a look below. I've been through heartbreaks and I've learned all of the different ways to mend your broken heart the healthy way. It's hard, but it can be done!

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Don't Go around It

When you are finding ways to heal a broken heart, the very first tip that I have is not avoid it. You have to go through the breakup, through the heartache and not try to go around it. It'll make you a stronger person and overall, it'll make you better in the long run.


Don't Fill the Void Right Away

If you immediately jump into a hobby that you become obsessed with or a man or woman that you are constantly spending your time with, you are trying to fill the void that your ex left. Don't do it. The reason? Because that isn't going through the breakup, that isn't going through the grieving of your relationship. Instead, it's just jumping into something that will take your mind off of it, not something that will help you heal.


Write out Your Strengths

A lot of the time, when you are going through a breakup, you forget yourself and you can't find yourself again. This is where you need to write out everything that you like about yourself, write out everything that you love about yourself. That way, you'll have a list of strengths that you have and things that you believe about yourself. Trust me, this is an important step in the way of healing.


Laugh & Cry

Laughing and crying, grieving and just going through the breakup is another important part of finding a way to mend your broken heart. You can laugh. You can cry and you can have emotions. It isn't a bad thing, no matter what other people say.



When my girlfriend and I broke up for 3 months, I meditated a lot to help me get through it. While we are back together, you've got to really face the possibility that you two won't get back together ever. Meditating is a great way to clear your mind; it helps you to start thinking clearly about everything.


Talk about It

When you break up with someone, you can't just bottle up all of the emotions and let them eat away your insides. Instead, you need to expel the poison and you really need to talk about it with people. The next point that I have is all about the importance of having a friend to lean on!


Have a Friend to Lean on

Having a BFF that understands you, knows you and knows your ex is a great sounding board. Truthfully, you want someone that isn't going to bad mouth your ex, just in case you do get back together but someone that is going to really help you through the breakup.

While it's hard to go through a breakup, there are ways that you can mend your broken heart. Just remember, everyone goes through this! So, what's the worst breakup you've been through?

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i just broke up with my first boyfriend i ever had today, and i felt so bad because he had no idea it was coming..he was a jerk though but i feel like im regretting it for some reason, is it normal to regret breaking up with someone or will i get over it??

I understand exactly how you guys are feeling. I recently broke up with my boyfriend, my first love and right now am way past heart broken. I do not know how to start recovering from this at all, since I've had very little relationship experiences. Some, days am ok, some days I think I'll go crazy, other days am coping. I still do love him but I think deep down I know that it's better this way. Time heal all wounds, so I've heard, so am taking comfort in those words and praying for time to run as fast as possible. We'll all make it through...

@AnnaBanana Sorta did something similar. Made me feel like an idiot because I knew that it would cause him pain to know that I liked someone he hated. Oh well. We'll make it through this indeed. Someday c:

My hubby and I literally just separated last night, and it is the most painful thing I've ever had to go through in my life. At this point in time I don't see anything helping me, except to have him back.

Is cutting like, not an option? Oops.. Wish I saw this sooner

Yes we'll make it through you guys!

@lindsey that is just how I feel too and wish I could be stronger not to.

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