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9 Inspiring Quotes about Relationships to Spark the Fire ...

By Diana

Whether they are from movies, books, or from experts, quotes about relationships can really inspire you as a couple and spark that fire inside of you. They also speak the truth and help you realize how special and important your relationship is. Quotes about relationships aren’t always mushy and cliche; they can be thought provoking as well. What are some of your favorite love quotes?

Table of contents:

  1. The notebook
  2. Sleepless in seattle
  3. Judy garland
  4. Dr. seuss
  5. Rupert brooke
  6. John lennon
  7. Helen keller
  8. James c. dobson
  9. Frank sinatra

1 The Notebook

This movie has so many quotes about relationships that I could choose from, but this one really speaks the truth about how someone can make you feel. It defines how love can make you feel, or at least how it should. You might not have Ryan Gosling saying something like this to you, but if you truly love the person you're with, who needs Ryan?

2 Sleepless in Seattle

OK, so not all of the quotes about relationships are from movies, but there are some really great ones out there from chick flicks! Actually, a lot of them probably come from movies starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, that magic duo. Isn't this the kind of relationship we all long for? It's never just one big thing; the tiny pieces keep things interesting, and intriguing.

3 Judy Garland

When a man says the right words, it really does go right to our heart. When he grabs us and kisses us so passionately it touches our core, we are head over heels in love from that moment on! If he speaks to you on a deeper level, your spark is in no danger of burning out.

4 Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss has some of the best quotes out there that many of us have been inspired by. I really love this one. Dr. Seuss knew quite a lot about love, actually; just look at how the Grinch turned out in the end.

5 Rupert Brooke

This quote reminds me of the beginning stages of a relationship, when it's new and you feel so giddy! But it is a feeling that lasts throughout the relationship when you have realized you have found the one. You'll never feel old or alone when you're with someone you truly love.

6 John Lennon

My daughter loves John Lennon. I mean really, who didn't?! So, I just had to have him on my list, and with such a great quote about relationships I couldn't not include this one. Your love stays with you, always.

7 Helen Keller

This quote pretty much speaks for itself, and from such an inspiring woman. I shall carry this one with me forever. Remember to always look beyond the surface of things.

8 James C. Dobson

Don't settle, love is not about settling. You know you've found the one when you can't imagine your life without them in it. You should never, ever settle for less than that, because you deserve that kind of fulfillment.

9 Frank Sinatra

Three powerful words that carry so much more than so many of us realize. Tell someone today and every day that you love them.

Love is a special thing that builds in our hearts, it makes us crazy, it makes us wake up and see life like we've never seen it before. Are these quotes about relationships some of your favorites?

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