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Why are people so ashamed to admit that they use online dating? It's 2014, people! Not everyone has the time to go out and try to meet someone. Social media and online dating websites make that SO much easier. If you spend most of your time on the internet, how is it so crazy to think that you might actually meet your soulmate on it?

If you're looking for love but don't have the time to go out, try online dating! There are so many dating apps that make it easy for you to search for love through the comfort of your own home. Check out this BuzzFeed video that explains why online dating is actually super awesome:

Like you heard in the video, it's "weirder" to actually meet someone in real life than it is to connect with someone online. So, what are your thoughts on online dating? Are you willing to try it?

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I always found online dating pathetic and a joke. My friend and I had made a profile for myself to explore and poke fun. There are a lot of weird people on there who are creepy and desperate. I ended up having a conversation with a guy who caught my eye. Even being very skeptical I agreed to meet up for brunch and since then we've been dating. So far it's been going great, nothing I expected from meeting a stranger online. So give it a try you never know you might get lucky!

I think it's all about your circumstances in life. For me I'm a single mum so although I do go out occasionally most if the men that chatted me up I found out were married. I've spent about two years searching for the right man online and think i may have found my perfect match. It takes a lot I patience and time and being fussy helps too. I think it has ups and downs :-)

my experiences were no good :(

In the process of trying it out. So far it's okay.

Actually! I met my boyfriend, who I plan to marry online! It's so much easier to weed out who you don't want and find who you do. When I met my man, we lived 3000 miles apart, but I wanted to meet people before I moved so I went to okcupid and now we share an apartment and a cat. We couldn't be happier!

I see nothing wrong with Online Dating. It's not something that should be considered weird in this day and age. Many people I know have met their spouses that way and are happy. It's a personal decision/opinion. But don't judge others for doing something that works for them but might not work for you.

Very weird

I met a lovely man through online dating. My best friend was against it initially fearing I'd met some weirdo who was up to no good. We hit off better in real life than we'd had during our online "meet and greet". We dated for a few months, and we're not together but I know I wouldn't have met him any other way. I prefer meeting the old fashioned way but I still want to try online dating.

I don't think it's weird and I have nothing wrong with it, I just don't think it's for me.

no I wouldn't do it

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