Is Your Best Friend Secretly Jealous of Your Engagement? 💍 ...


Have you been wondering if your best friend is secretly jealous of your engagement? Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it but you just have a feeling that’s the case. These’re some signs that you’re probably correct in assuming your bestie is jealous. Hopefully this can help you to figure out what’s truly going on and how to handle it.

1. She’s Lonely for Love

If your best friend is lonely then she’s more likely to feel jealous of you than if she’s in a secure, loving relationship. That being said, just because she’s lonely doesn’t mean she’ll be jealous. Many people are capable of being happy for others even though they’re lonely. This point alone doesn’t mean she’s jealous but it means it’s possible. This point in combination with other signs carries more weight.

She Changes the Subject when Your Engagement Comes up


Bettina Julie
I am not engaged but my boyfriend cousin which is my friend, hate when I start talking about him. She cut me off and start talking about other things. Like I am not suppose to have a boyfriend and I should be single just because she's single
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