Love at Few Clicks: 4 Books about Online Dating ...

Sometimes the relationships become exhausting: nowadays, numerous progressive men and women decide to stay away from all that pink romantics. We just don’t have any time for this anymore. However, we still need to release our sexual energy and feel loved. And that’s where the Internet becomes an easy and effective tool: nowadays you can just visit one of the multiple websites to find yourself a perfect match without spending long days on dating. The practice has been so popular that it has already become one of the widely discussed topics in modern literature. Stay tuned: today, we will talk about books which are centered around online dating.

1. Love Online by Penelope Ward

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So you already have a clue on what’s going on in the plot: two people meet online and become addicted to each other. “ScreenGod” and “Montana” start texting each other on one of the online platforms. Soon ScreenGod investigates that Montana, Eden actually, is a girl of his dreams. Even though a new crush does not want to reveal her real identity and is willing to save online anonymity, the protagonist decides to fight for his love, and this where their true love starts.

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