Intriguing Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Introverts ...


Intriguing  Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Introverts ...
Intriguing  Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Introverts ...

I'm an introvert and I think that makes me extremely attractive. Okay, so it also makes me awkward, but who says you can't be sexy and awkward at the same time? I've been thinking about how so many of the women I know are attracted to introverted men and women. What is it about us that makes us so irresistible, even when we feel like the shyest, most socially awkward people in the world? Well, as it turns out …

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We're Kind of Mysterious

We're Kind of Mysterious No, let me correct that: we seem mysterious to other people, no doubt because we're quiet, we keep to ourselves, and it often looks like we're brooding even if we're just thinking about what to eat or when it's acceptable to make an excuse and go home. Everyone always wants to know what we're thinking. Turns out that can be a real turn on. Who knew we could appear so fascinating to other people?


We're Exceptional Listeners

We're Exceptional Listeners This is because we can so rarely think of anything to say, so we turn our attention to the fine art of listening. It's not just a tactic, either. If the introvert you're talking to isn't struggling to focus or stay away, s/he is most likely incredibly interested in what you have to say. When you need to vent or want a buffer, it doesn't hurt to have an introvert in your life – if not as a love interest, then at least as a friend.


We're Passionate about Our Convictions

We're Passionate about Our Convictions If an introvert believes in something, follows a philosophy, or has deep faith in something, s/he is almost certainly passionate about it. It's attractive when anyone believes in something that deeply, plus passion is always sexy. When an introvert does something, s/he is generally motivated on an intrinsic level, not because s/he wants fame, money, or recognition. Those aren't bad things by any means, but deep personal motivation is still pretty cool.


That Dreamy Quality is All Kinds of Sexy

That Dreamy Quality is All Kinds of Sexy Introverts are dreamers. Anytime you wonder what's going on behind our eyes, we're probably daydreaming. Left unchecked, daydreaming can get out of hand – I speak from experience, by the way – but when it's focused the right way, yeah, you can see how it's a little sexy. Especially, again, if there's some broodiness involved.


We See Everything

We See Everything All we do is watch other people. We study them on those rare, special occasions when we go out in a crowd. We don't miss much, which can be unfortunate for the people we're observing, but it's pretty fun for us. It can be fun for you, too, once you get us to open up. Our observational skills give us the best stories.


We (usually) Think before We Speak

We (usually) Think before We Speak Well, let me put that another way. We are very mindful when we speak. Introverts can get heated and they can lash out without thinking – not all, but some. However, we tend to be mindful of the words we choose. That can be a good thing or a bad one, depending on how mad we are at the time. Still, that kind of unpredictability is interesting, right?


Our Creativity Comes in Handy

Our Creativity Comes in Handy Not all introverts are creative, but most are – even if it's not a traditional sort of creativity. And that creativity shows up in lots of places, so it can benefit our partners in lots of intriguing ways. That's all I'll say about that.


We're Are Easy to Be around

hair, person, hairstyle, sitting, fashion, Naturally chill, relaxed, and loving, introverts are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Our laid-back nature is beyond appealing. We thrive in small, one-on-one group interactions.


Studious and Smart

hair, person, photography, beauty, hairstyle, We enjoy learning new things and solving problems. We can sometimes be called bookworms due to our love of reading. Who isn't drawn to someone so intelligent?!


We Are Intellectually Stimulating

white, clothing, footwear, leg, dress, We might appear quiet, but get us talking about something that sparks our interest and we can have a meaningful, intelligent, and stimulating conversation.

Have you ever been attracted to an introvert? And if you are one, please no, you are way more irresistible than you think.

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Wow that was interesting and true I'm married to an awesome mysterious introverted man😊. I admire him so much because of his calm and steadiness. Especially because I'm opposite of him and he loves me for it. Thank God. I wish I was more of an introvert 😄

Yes most introvert men are interested in introvert women. I am with one and I am an introvert who adapts to extrovert qualities when needs be. We both couldn't be happier! It's funny because he is usually the silent type but since he met his match, now you can't shut him up! Lmao aww I love you really baby!

My favourite post here!

Are men interested in introvert women?

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