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Non-Cheesy Nicknames for Your New Man ...

By Leiann

Looking for some non-cheesy nicknames for your new steady? Ladies, if you do not already have a nickname for your new steady, here is a little list of some that are not insulting, degrading or insensitive. He'll be feeling so good and he'll love any of these non-cheesy nicknames for your new steady.

1 Babyface

Perfect if he has, well, a babyface!

2 Coco Bean

If he is delicious like chocolate!

3 Huggy Bear

If he loves to give you hugs.

4 Cuddle Bug

Cuddling is the best.

5 Huggalump

Keep those hugs coming!

6 Big Guy

Good for his ego!

7 Hugster

Does he like you as his own special doll?

8 Romeo

The name just sounds romantic and sexy, regardless of Shakespeare!

9 Pumpkin

Does he have chubby cheeks?

10 Love Muffin

Does he have a soft and warm personality?

If this is your first Christmas together, when you go to say the nickname for the first time, make sure you are under the mistletoe! A free gift of love.


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