7 of Women's Most Puzzling Behaviors Explained ...


7 of Women's Most Puzzling Behaviors Explained ...
7 of Women's Most Puzzling Behaviors Explained ...

Women Behavior, the things we do, say, think or worry about often confuse our men quite a bit. We don’t always understand them either, we’re mad when they refuse to share their problems with us and we spend days trying to figure out what’s wrong even when nothing is wrong. Well, we could agree to disagree or talk about it a little bit and, since I prefer talking, I’ve, logically, chosen the latter. So, in case you’ve been busting your behind trying to figure us out and finally understand female women behavior and why they act the way they do, feel free read more about 7 of the most puzzling women’s behaviors listed above.

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Her Best Friend Can Become Her Worst Enemy in Just 48 Hours and Go Back to Being Her Best Friend Just as Fast

Women are more sensitive to hormonal changes, plus they talk more than men which means saying the wrong thing at the wrong time is actually pretty easy. We, ladies, also like to discuss our feelings way more than men do and when a friend does or says something to hurt us, we’ll insist on sorting it out then and there.


She is Genuinely Sad when She Believes a Certain Outfit is Making Her Look Fat and Ecstatic when She is Wearing Something That is Making Her Look Skinny

This is a typical women behavior we just can’t explain or get rid of. A woman is happy when she looks good and she looks good when she’s happy. Confusing? Quite a bit! So, when you notice that she’s freaking out over a dress that she believes looks terrible on her (although it looks just as great as the last time), just try to say something to cheer her up.


She Will Buy Something That Looks Very Much like the Thing She Already Has

Okay, do you really want a lecture on why that black dress is different than the other black dress? Just nod, say it’s lovely and you’re off the hook. Look at your closet – how many white (or black) shirts do you have? How many tracksuits? This is not a just a woman behavior you need to write of as silly – it’s something we all do.


She Needs at Least Half an Hour to Pull off a Casual Look

Okay, let’s be real – dressing casually is different for men and women. A man needs to wash his face and teeth, put on a pair of jeans and a tee and wear shoes. THE END. A woman has to wash her face, wash her teeth, apply foundation and a coat of mascara, do something with her hair in case the current hairstyle is not presentable, put on some clothes match her shoes and her bag and, at last, accessorize accordingly. See the difference? Flip through channels in the meanwhile – we know you love that.


She Will Buy, Wear and LOVE Uncomfortable Shoes

Your woman may show up wearing something that, regardless of how sexy it might be, looks painfully uncomfortable. She’ll complain about it all night long and show up the next time wearing the same shoes. “Why ?”,you’ll probably wonder! Well, the answer is pretty simple! Wearing new shoes and knowing how great they make her legs and butt look is a huge ego boost. Our shoe size is, in the same time, the only thing that doesn’t change with years and with shoes we don’t have to worry about trying to put them on one day only to realize they don’t fit anymore. So, to wrap things up – they make us feel sexy, they make us look sexy and they will never be THE ones to suggest we’ve gained a few pounds!


If She’s Hungry, She Has to Eat “Now!”

A woman is sometimes so involved in what others want that she completely forgets to focus on her needs so if you’ve noticed that she often doesn’t sit to eat until the hunger gets unbearable, do her a favor and don’t get mad about it. We often don’t eat because we want to eat with you, we sometimes skip lunch getting ready for our dates with you so, when we finally say, “I’m hungry”, it basically means “I need to eat now” so, please, be a knight in the shining armor and remember to stop by the bakery on the next crossing! It might be one of those strange women behaviors but hey, you love us for it – don’t you?


Just “Good” is Not an Option – She Has to Look Great

Obsession with looking perfect from all sides might easily be one of the most puzzling women behaviors most men could never relate to. Why are we so worried about the way our dress looks from the back? Mostly because we know that’s exactly where you’ll be looking at when we’re not paying attention. LOL!

So, guys and girls – which is the most puzzling typically women behavior you’ve managed to come across recently and are there any other women behaviors you’d like to point out?

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AGHH!!! The food thing is the thing that irritates me the most. I will be thinking I am going to meet my guy later and hmm I should wait to eat with him because he might me hungry, and that is another thing for me and him to do and enjoy together. Of course as soon as I see him ", hey baby you hungry?" ..." ahh nope just ate with the guys 30 mins before i picked you up." Gahh makes me want to smash my flipping face in. Now im not going to even bother. Ptff

this describes me to the T lol

@Tanejah lol I know what you mean!! I've learned to ignore them and eat?

I do them all, except buy similar things, and take forever to look casual... why on earth would I need to accessorize and apply foundation for a casual look? I never apply foundation though

Haha, I can't help but notice that the model in the Casual Look one has HORRENDOUS teeth...

I do all of these things =]

Lol man I love this! ESPECIALLY the "I have to eat NOW"

I don't know anyone who does this things... (Except for 1 and 6, which I am guilty of myself)

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