7 Original Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend That He'll Adore ...


7 Original Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend That He'll Adore ...
7 Original Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend That He'll Adore ...

If you have been in a relationship for a while, original gift ideas for your boyfriend can be hard to come up with. I know for me it is! There are many things to get your love, but sometimes coming up with the idea yourself is a great gift. Choose something original and meaningful for the both of you. Here are some great original gift ideas for your boyfriend.

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Sex Coupons

This is one of the greatest original gift ideas for your boyfriend. This gift is a way to spend less and give him something he wasn’t going to expect. Make a coupon book with sexual activities that he can ask for at any time. With the coupon, he can use this whenever he likes and get whatever the coupon is for. Make sure to write things down that you will actually want to do!



Get your DIY on and impress him with a calendar all of yourself or the two of you. Gather the best pictures of the two of you and choose ones that represent each month. Then you can even write in special moments you share or have shared, such as your anniversary and maybe an upcoming date you have planned for him. Make sure to add a sexy picture of yourself on his birthday month as an extra surprise.


Personalized Item

I have done this before, and my boyfriend loved it. A great idea is to buy him a flask, wallet or even a tie clip and engrave his name and the date you gave it to him on the back. This will always symbolize that you are there with him and that that date is special to you two.


Something You Can do Together

This is an oldie, but such a goodie. Who doesn’t love getting something all planned out for them when they don’t have to do anything? Buy tickets to his fave game, or plan a great day of hiking with a romantic picnic. Anything where you two can have some quality time together and rekindle that love is good.


A Planned Night out

Surprise him with a trip away for just the two of you to your favourite spot together or to a new spot which will make for an adventure. There are tons of coupon sites where you can get great deals on hotels and dinner. Make sure to plan everything out so he doesn’t need to do anything and you two can enjoy the special time together. This is great for couples who have busier schedules and struggle to find time alone.


Have a Relaxed Day in

I know this doesn’t seem original, but people seem to forget that simple gifts are great. If you don’t get to spend days together a lot, and are on a tight schedule, plan a great day in. Rent movies, get candy and chips and make a delicious dinner for the two of you. Spend the day lounging in your PJs and chatting.


HomeMade Key Chain with Pennies

Grab 3 or 4 pennies that have dates on them that are significant to your spouse. One could be his birthday year, the second could be the year you met, and the third could be the date of your birthday. Punch holes in all three and add them onto a key ring. He can add this to his keys and always be reminded of your bond.

It can be hard to find gift after gift for your significant other, and it just gets harder with time. Think outside the box and stray away from the normal shirt and tie gifts that you have been giving him for years. It's not about the money you spent on the gift but more so about the thought that went into it. Is there a gift you gave your boyfriend that he loved? What is the most original gift you have given?

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