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There are so many quotes about love all over the internet. When I browse for quotes about love, I like to look for clever and original ones. So many love quotes are trite and overused, but I have compiled a few passionate quotes that I found to be relatable, beautiful, and original!

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The Heart and Reason

The Heart and Reason Of all the quotes about love I have listed, I find this one by Blaise Pascal to be one of the most beautiful. We often hear that we should be logical in love, but this quote shows that the heart sees things that logic cannot necessarily explain. While I believe in a happy medium between the heart and reason, I find this quote to be so beautiful!


Only One in the World

Only One in the World I love this Brandi Snyder quote! Sometimes we feel insignificant in this huge world. However, no matter how small we are in terms of the world, to those who love us we mean the world. This quote always puts things in perspective for me! So remember this quote when you feel small!


Life is a Rose

Life is a Rose How true! The analogy of love to a rose is so common, but this quote puts a different twist on it. If you have love in your life, it will come with a few thorns or downsides, but if you have no love in your life, you will have no roses or the ultimate joy of life! Never be afraid of love even if there are a few negatives that come along with it.


Happily Ever after

Happily Ever after I love this quote because so often we hear about happy endings in love stories, but if it really is true love, there would be no ending to it, right?! This is so clever. So don't wish for a happy ending, but instead for true love that never ends!



Soulmates This Aristotle quote is truly beautiful. When a couple is together for a while they can almost be seen as a single unit, due to all their shared interests and such. Aristotle goes one step further to say that the love they share is merely one soul shared between them. I guess this is what some people mean when they say they’ve found their soulmate!


Listen to Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart This Nicolas Sparks quote from The Notebook (quite possibly the most romantic movie ever) is so sweet! While I am not a huge advocate for solely following your heart, I like the play on words in this quote. It's also true that your heart is on your left, but in many cases, following it can be the right decision! So don’t neglect what your heart is feeling when you're contemplating a decision about love!


Beautiful Reality

Beautiful Reality If you've ever been in love you've probably felt that amazing rush when you wake up and realize everything seems right in the world. Dr. Seuss illustrates this so vividly in his quote. When you're in love, your reality becomes even more beautiful than your most wonderful dreams! I know I’ve felt this feeling before!

I love browsing for quotes about love, as they are especially awesome to read when you are in love. What other love quotes do you like? Which of these is your favorite?

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waow beautiful

Rodrigo santoro! Gosh...

Need more posts like this!! Beautiful !!!!

So, so very lovely

Blaise pascal wrote that quote about Christianity, not relationships.

They're all so beautiful. 😊

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