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7 Places to Meet Girls Who like Girls ...

By Diana

If you’ve tried every dating site in the world to no avail, there are places to meet lesbians in real life (meaning no never-ending strings of messages!). Whether you prefer grabbing drinks at the bar come Friday night or scoping the bookstore shelves, meeting girls who like girls can be easier than you’d think. Here are 7 great places to meet lesbians to get you started!

1 LGBT-Friendly Bars

One of the most popular places to meet lesbians is at a bar or club geared toward lady-loving gals. You can easily Google lesbian bars and parties in your city. If even thinking about walking into a lesbian bar makes you anxious, you might want to consider trying out an LGBT-friendly (but not lesbian-exclusive) bar. For a confidence boost, bring a close friend a.k.a. wing woman along (it works, I promise!). I met my partner at a karaoke night at an LGBT-friendly bar. My straight friend, who was acquainted with her, introduced us and we hit it off –I wasn’t even looking to find someone! But just remember that your main objective in hitting the bar –especially when you’re just coming out– is to make connections and form networks. The more lesbian and bisexual friends you have, the easier it’ll be to find a girl you really click with.

2 Volunteering

In general, volunteering is a great way to meet new, likeminded people, no matter your sexual orientation. Though lesbian and bisexual women have a vast array of interests and volunteer for all sorts of organizations, I’ve met the most girls who like girls at animal shelters and nonprofits specializing in women’s/LGBT rights. Volunteering will put you in direct contact with people who support the causes you do, without any (or at least most) of the awkwardness. Visit to search for opportunities near you. And don’t forget that June marks LGBT Pride month. Most cities have entire websites dedicated to Pride events –and volunteers are always needed. For example, check out

3 Political Activism

If you’ve never been politically active, there’s no better time to break out your posters, buttons, and leaflets than right now. With marriage equality advancing across the country and world, it’s easier than ever to attend a rally or march in support of LGBT rights. Gather your supportive friends and design posters with witty phrases that’ll start conversations and introduce yourself to the people around you. Don’t be shy! To learn more about upcoming events, ‘Like’ pro-LGBT pages on Facebook, such as the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Marriage Equality USA, and GLAAD.

4 Sports

As cliché as it may sound, I’ve always encountered at least a couple of girls who like girls on sports teams. Though not everyone can hit a volleyball over a net, those who are more inclined can join a league for fun (and girls, of course!). For leagues and activities in your area, visit

5 LGBT Clubs and Group Gatherings

Most colleges have at least one LGBT club on campus, but if you’ve already graduated or don’t want to join one, there are always events and group gatherings at, which boasts too many lesbian-related groups to count! Poetry readings at your local café, theater performances, indie concerts, and farmer’s markets are all prime places to meet lesbians. Just “bump” into the cutie you have your eye on and take it from there.

6 LGBT-Friendly Churches

Being lesbian or bisexual AND Christian isn’t always easy, but it IS possible. For a list of welcoming churches in your state, visit Alternatively, you can find a list of LGBT synagogues and centers on These spaces are a good way to meet lesbian and bisexual women who share your beliefs and participate in a faith-based community.

7 LGBT Section at the Bookstore

Most bookstore chains like Barnes and Noble have small Gay/Lesbian Studies sections. And if you live in a big city like New York, you can probably find a feminist bookstore (though not all feminists are lesbian/bisexual, many lesbian/bisexual women ARE feminists!). For a list of feminist bookstores, check out

Remember: Girls who like girls are anywhere and everywhere, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and build up your network. Do you have any places to meet lesbian and bisexual women to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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