10 Amazing Love Quotes ...


10 Amazing Love Quotes ...
10 Amazing Love Quotes ...

I'm going to share some quotes about intense love. When you’re in love you feel all these emotions, ranging from happiness to confusion, which will leave you feeling butterflies in your stomach and blushing every time you hear your lover’s name. Love can make you feel amazing. Check out these 10 amazing quotes about intense love.

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“I Love You, and That’s the Beginning and End of Everything.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

When you’re in love all that matters is you and your lover.


“I Love You More than I Have Ever Found a Way to Say to You.” ~ Ben Folds

Sometimes words can’t express the love you have for your lover.


“There Are All Kinds of Love in This World but Never the Same Love Twice.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

You will never feel the same way with anyone else but your lover.


“when I Saw You I Fell in Love, and You Smiled Because You Knew.” ~ William Shakespeare

It’s a great feeling when the love of your life feels the same overwhelming love for you.


“You Are the Finest, Loveliest, Tenderest, and Most Beautiful Person I Have Ever Known – and Even That is an Understatement.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Nice, right?


“so This is Love, so This is What Makes Life Divine.” ~ Cinderella

Love changes your entire perspective on life.


“He’s More Myself than I Am. Whatever Our Souls Are Made of His and Mine Are the Same.” ~ Emily Bronte

When you meet your soulmate, it feels like you two are meant to be together forever.


“I’ve Always Loved You. I Love You More and More Every Day if It’s Even Possible to Love Someone That Much.” ~ Blair Waldorf

If you’re in love, you’ll fall in love with your lover all over again every day you see them.


“in Case You Ever Foolishly Forget: I Am Never Not Thinking of You.” ~ Virginia Woolf

The love of your life will forever be on your mind.


“I Still Haven’t Figured out How to Sit across from You, and Not Be Madly in Love with Everything You do.” ~ William C. Hannan

If you’re in love you will fall in love with every little thing your lover does.

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