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7 Reasons to Love the Single Life for the Girls Who Haven't Found Mr. Right Yet ...

By Vladlena

Hey there, if you are down about being single and not having someone to cuddle with on a Friday night, don’t be! There are some things people in relationships are not able to do due to their commitment and obligation to their significant other, but you definitely can! Take advantage of the time that you have to yourself before you settle down. You have to make the most of every part of your life, and especially the part when you are single.

1 Flirting with Whomever You Want

Once you enter a relationship, you’ll have to have your eyes set on one person only, but hey, since you are single and ready to mingle, flirt away! Perfect your techniques, go on a few dates and socialize with cute guys. We all know it's fun for both parties and let’s face it, innocent flirting never hurt anyone!

2 Taking Care Solely of Yourself

When you are single, there is no baggage and you aren’t responsible for anyone else but yourself. And while you might not view it as a perk right now, really take advantage of that as much as you can. You’re independent, young and free to do whatever your heart desires!

3 Going about Your Own Routine

A lot of the times when you are with someone, your schedule is heavily affected by your significant other. You have to adjust your day-to-day activities and really try to plan around the dates you have agreed upon. Sometimes it can be quite difficult, so enjoy the total control over your own routine!

4 Traveling Whenever and Wherever You Want

Traveling can be hard when you are in a committed relationship, especially if it’s long term. You don’t want to be far away from your partner and might therefore sacrifice your opportunities just so that you don’t have to sacrifice your relationship. But since you are single, my friend, it’s time to plan spontaneous trips and travel without being anchored down.

5 Meeting New People, Making New Friends

One of the downsides of being in a relationship is that you might be less likely to go out and meet other people since you are so preoccupied with each other. It’s something that often happens to couples before they even realize it. So before you dedicate the majority of your time to your partner, go out and make friends!

6 Getting Fit and Strong

Since you probably have a lot more time on your hands as a single individual, you can use your leisure time to your benefit. Now is the time to get the body of your dreams and really push your limits. Train hard, get fit and become comfortable in your own skin! You have to learn to love yourself before you love anyone else.

7 Focusing on Your Career

And since there are no distractions in your life, you can concentrate on your future and plan out your career. Start getting experience and look at job opportunities that are out there. Find something that fits your interests! Preparing yourself for the future should be your number one priority as of now.

While some may not agree at this moment, there are plenty of perks to being single, some of which may not be available when you are in a relationship!

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