7 Reasons to Break up with Your Significant Other ...


It can be hard realizing that there are reasons to break up with your significant other. You know that you aren’t happy in your current relationship but you can’t really pinpoint why. This may be rough to read through, but once you know your reasons to break up with your significant other, you will be able to accept it more easily and move on to bigger and better things!

1. Cheating

This is pretty obvious to most people, but a lot of women seem to stay in relationships even if their significant other cheats on them. This is definitely one of the most important reasons to break up with your significant other. Once someone cheats on you, there is a pretty good chance that they will do it again, especially if you stay with them. If you stay with a cheater, they think that you’re okay with being cheated on.

Your Friends Hate Them


Amy Vo
Thank you Natasha! It is so hard to move on but I will try the best, my heart is aching. Every time I think about him, I feel like a thousand of needles poking my heart :(
Natasha saini
awwww amy good luck n b strong gal.x
Amy Vo
Number 5 is applied to me! I was crying for two hours last night myself and I'm thinking to move on, I will have a rough time for the next few months! I need to stay strong and stronger! Thank you f...
@Tayyy I agree with you because women and men shouldn't have to deal with these things and they shouldn't stay with that one person that is abusing them or being cheated on
Have some respect for yourself and move the f*** on if your partner cheated and abuses you. Those are just unacceptable!!!!!
Why cant i comment and read posts that were posted on some articles?
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