8 Reasons to Keep Your Maiden Name ...

There are some good reasons to keep your maiden name when or if you get married. Of course, lots of women do choose to change their name, and that´s their right. It can be a nuisance to change the name you´ve always been known by, though, rather than keep your maiden name. So if you´re wondering what to do, here are some reasons to keep your maiden name …

1. 21st Century Girl

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In the 21st century, the concept of taking your husband´s name upon marriage can seem a pretty old-fashioned one. It can seem odd not to keep your maiden name, which is the one you´ve always had (and yes, I know it´s your father´s name and therefore given to you through a man).

2. Paperwork

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Many women find the process of changing their name on marriage to be very irritating. Having to change passport, bank accounts etc is quite laborious, and there´s always something you miss. Keep your maiden name and there is no paperwork to change.

3. You like It

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Some people dislike their name and would quite happily change it. Still, if you´re happy with your surname, then why change it? You might like having a pretty cool surname that stands out and feels different from a name that´s far more common.

4. Equality

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Here´s one of the best reasons to keep your maiden name. Since we are no longer our husband´s property on marriage, why should it be women who change their name? If a man thinks that women should be prepared to change their name when they get married, then he should be prepared to do the same …

5. Unfortunate Combination

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Your husband-to-be may be the most wonderful guy … but what if he has an unfortunate surname? Okay, that´s no reason not to marry him, but it is a good argument to keep your maiden name. Who wants to be known as Mrs Smellie?

6. Divorce

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Nobody gets married thinking that they will get divorced, but it is a possibility. If you do divorce, and you chose to keep your maiden name, then you don´t have to change it back (having gone through the trouble of changing it to your husband´s name).

7. Legal

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My mother has never quite understood why I chose to keep my maiden name. Nor have I managed to convince her that it is not a legal requirement in the UK (and many other places). Changing your name on marriage is a custom, not a legal obligation.

8. No Kids

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Many women choose to change their name upon marriage as they want everyone to have the same name when they start a family. If you don´t want kids, then that reason doesn´t apply. Of course, your husband could change his name to yours and the kids could have your name!

It´s a free choice whether or not to keep your maiden name; personally, I´m glad I did (though I don´t think my ex ever forgave me for not changing mine!). There are lots of practical and emotional reasons to keep your maiden name, and no woman should feel pressured to change hers. What would you do if you got married, and if you changed your name, do you regret it?

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