8 Reasons to Love Who You Are ...


8 Reasons to Love Who You Are ...
8 Reasons to Love Who You Are ...

In this world, being able to love who you are is tough. Many times, society ingrains in us a sense of never being good enough and that the only way to be great is to be like everyone else. Well I am here to tell you that society is sadly mistaken. Not being able to love who you are is one of the most important challenges to overcome. However, it is also one of the hardest. First, you must forget everything that society tells you that you have to be. Second, you need to compile a list of reasons like I have done about why you should love who you are. To get you started, here are some of my favorite reasons why you need to love who you are.

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You Are Beautiful

I don’t care what your body type is, what your personality is like, or what color eyes you have. You are beautiful. I cannot tell you how true this really is. I know you’re staring at your screen thinking, “well, this person doesn’t even know me.” This may be true but I still know that you’re beautiful. Do you know how? Because you are a human being. And every human being on this planet is a beautiful creature. Go look in a mirror. Yes, right now. You cannot possibly think that the wonderful thing in the mirror is ugly. Because it is beautiful and it is a wonderful reason to love who you are.


Self Love is Important

Being able to love yourself is super important for you to live your day properly. And loving the person you have turned out to be is the first step. If you don’t love who you are, then how can you love anything or anyone else? Many times, we forget about the importance of showing ourselves love. But the truth is that we need to show ourselves love just as much as other people need our love. So wrap those beautiful arms around yourself and give a nice big hug to a person who needs it. In this case, it’s you!


There is Only One of You

Unless you have an evil twin in a parallel universe, there is only one of you. If this statement makes you feel alone in any way, don’t let it get to you because there is only one of each person in the entire world. We are all unique and special in our own ways and that is never going to change. Which is a good thing! Being the only you is a great advantage! There’s no one else in this whole, big world that is exactly like you. You are one of a kind and that is definitely something to love.


Outside Love Starts with You

If you don’t love who you are, then why on Earth would other people love you? To gain the love you need from others, you need to realize how important and special you are. Showing that you love yourself is something that is extremely attractive and empowering. Other people will think, “Wow! Now there is someone who loves themselves!” Okay so maybe they won’t think that exactly, but the message will definitely be conveyed. People love to love people who love themselves!


Confidence is Key

Loving who you are is a wonderful confidence booster. Being able to know that you are fabulous will help you to be fabulous in everything you try! If you have confidence in yourself then confidence in your abilities will follow!


Other People Love You

Everyone around you has nothing but love to share with you. Why not love yourself as much as other people love you? If everyone else can see how wonderful you are, then try looking at yourself from their point of view! Just as other people tell you how amazing you are, try doing the same thing in front of the mirror! Everyday when I get out of bed, I look in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful even if I have the worst bed-head ever! It is really empowering and is a great way to start your day!


Helps Stop Self Put-Downs

Mentally putting yourself down is something that many people suffer from, including myself. I used to think so little of myself that all I wanted to do was crawl under my covers and stay there forever. And this is obviously not healthy for a happy life! What helped me a lot was quitting the put-downs. It was a lot easier to love who I am when I didn’t have a constant voice in my head telling me that I wasn’t good enough! Give this a try and I promise it will make a world of difference!


You’re Not Perfect

Let’s face the facts and realize that we are not perfect. No one is perfect! And that is definitely something to be celebrated! As hard as you try, you can never be perfect. And I personally think that that is awesome! Imperfection is pure beauty. Why would you want to change that? So love who you are and every flaw that comes with you!

Loving who you are seems very difficult, but when you realize how amazing you are, it becomes easy as pie! But don’t forget that loving yourself means that you have to love your whole self, which means your mind, your body, and your personality. I hope that you soon realize how wonderful you are and that some of these reasons helped! Do you have any more reasons to love who you are? Care to share?

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