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7 Reasons Why a Couple's Trip to Disney Will Help You Get Closer ...

By Holly

A couple’s trip to Disney is meant to be fun, but it can teach you a lot about the person you’re with. Vacations entail planning and patience. You’ll be spending a large amount of time together and will get to see your partner’s good and bad sides. On your couple’s trip to Disney, you just might find out something new about your man.

1 Learn to Cooperate

Even though vacations are meant to be fun, you’ll have to plan your day if you want to get everything you want done. You’ll get to see if your man has trouble waking up early or sticking to the plan you’ve set up. If you want him to take charge, you’ll get to see how well he gives orders and if he thinks things through. On a couple’s trip to Disney, you’ll learn how each other function. If you’re able to work things out without getting too stressed, it’s a good sign for your relationship.

2 Temporary Roommates

If you don’t already live with your man, you’ll get the chance to see what it would be like if you did. Staying at a hotel won’t give you an exact representation of what moving in together would be like, but it’ll give you a general idea. You’ll get to find out how long his showers take and whether he makes the bed in the morning. You’ll see how long it takes him to fall asleep and hear the sound of his snoring. If you can’t stand a few nights in a row with him, then living together might be a mistake.


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3 See Their Worst

When you go to Disney, you can’t avoid the heat, long lines, and overpriced products. It’s not unusual to get cranky in such a situation, so chances are you’ll see your man in a bad mood. You’ll also get to see how he treats you when you’re the one who gets fed up. Does he try to cheer you up or get annoyed by your complaints? You’re bound to find out on your vacation.

4 Playful Competition

There are plenty of games at Disney where you can win prizes. If you prefer going on rides, try Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. It lets you point a laser at bad guys in order to ‘kill’ them. Every shot you make earns you points. Since the seat fits two people, you’ll be able to easily compare your score with your partner’s.

5 Feel Protected

Are you afraid of heights or big drops on roller coasters? If you end up on a ride that scares you, your boyfriend has the chance to comfort you. See if he soothes you by talking you down or physically gets closer to you. It boosts a man’s confidence when he feels like he’s able to protect you. If he successfully calms you down, you’ll feel closer to each other.

6 Test His Politeness

Hopefully your man has been polite to waiters and staff members whenever you’ve gone out on dates. But after a tiring day, his attitude might be a bit different. Notice whether he still keeps on his smile after hours in the heat. If you take a shuttle to the park, does he get up so an older woman or child has a spot to sit? Little things can be big clues for your future.

7 Learn How He Handles Cash

Does your guy budget his money so that he has enough to pay for everything he needs? Or does he waste it all on one dinner that will cost him good food for the next few days? On vacation, you’ll get to see if he’s careless or cautious with his cash. Of course, don’t expect him to pay for you. If he does, return the favor by picking up the bill another time.

Disney is an amazing place to make memories with your partner. Have you ever been to the amusement park before? Who did you go with?

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