7 Reasons to Not Get Married ...


7 Reasons to Not Get Married ...
7 Reasons to Not Get Married ...

You know how it is. Everyone’s doing it. You’ve been a bridesmaid twice and your best friend is looking in the window of jewelers’ shops. It looks tempting but you decided a long time ago it wasn’t something you’d ever dreamed of doing. Many of your friends and family will think you are a bit of a freak wanting to stay a single girl so in case you need a bit of support, here are 7 reasons not to get married.

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The Cost

Weddings are expensive. They are subject of more family disputes and friendship breakups than almost anything else. A wedding will take over your life. You will become obsessed with flowers and cutlery and tablecloths. Your family will subject you to emotional blackmail, and the man in your life will say he never wanted all this fuss anyway.



You can have the whole bed. There really is nothing to compare with the utter bliss of sinking into the middle of a double bed, hugging the duvet to yourself and keeping it that way through the night. One of the reasons to not get married is that you can load up the bed with books, magazines, chocolate and cats, and nobody will complain, and if you want to read with the light on, that’s fine.



If you love the TV, one of the reasons to not get married is you operate the remote control. You can choose what to watch, and see it all the way through without somebody else flicking through the channels every ten minutes to see if there’s anything better on. You can cry over a movie without being laughed at, and you can watch a thriller without somebody guessing repeatedly what the ending will be.


Be the Boss in the Kitchen

You can eat what you want, when you want. Cook if you want to, order takeaway if you don’t. You don’t need to use a plate, (if you’re not married you may not have any plates of course) and if you want to have two puddings instead of a main, go ahead. Experiment with cooking. If it’s a disaster, nobody will know but you.


Control Your Own Alcohol Intake

Have a glass of wine when you feel like it, and if you want another, there’s no-one to tell you how you always get silly when you have two.


Vacation Freedom

When travelling, please yourself entirely. Another of the reasons to not get married is being able to have your perfect vacation when you like and where you like. If your idea of a great holiday is lying on a beach, sitting in cafes and watching the world go by, you can do it. If you’re into sights and museums, you can do that too. No more trudging up rain-soaked hills, cycling long distances to bad pubs, or queuing to see international football. Unless that’s your thing of course.


Do Your Own Thing

You can go out when you want to, stay out as long as you want to, and if you’re in the mood, you can flirt outrageously. As long as you’re careful, you can have a ball without having to explain yourself to anyone.

So the next time you see a white invitation land on your doormat, remember there are plenty of reasons not to get married. Buy a dress of your own choosing, have your hair the way you like it and show up cheerfully. After all, what’s to worry about? It’s not you who’s getting married.

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really ! thats the reasons you came up with for not getting married here is my seven reasons for marriage. 1 it turns boys into husbands. a protector and provider, not just a guy your sleeping with. 2 a husband will be a better father than a dude that knocked you up. 3 married couples are on average wealthier than people shacking up. 4 married couples on average have a happier sex life. 5 married men are less likely to cheat on you. 6 children raised by single mothers with another guy living in the home are 573%more likely to be molested 7 you can grow old knowing that you best friend will be by your side, until death do you part.

I can't agree with this post one bit :/ I don't have any of these problems with the guy I am with. It kind of made me mad because I feel like i'm being put down for not having the rights single women have. And being married does not mean you can't do anything you want. Me and my guy agree on tv shows. and what guy laughs at a crying lady ? He doesn't care if I want to eat something late at night. And neither of us judge the other on what we eat or when we eat. And going on vacation while married is not like what you describe it at all. At least not for me. I think what you are forgetting is being with someone means you accept each other for what you are. And I enjoyed being single when I was young and being a big flirt just as much as any other girl would. But I don't miss it one bit. I am happy to be with somebody. The only thing I could agree with was the money. Sorry but this post really did offend me. Think about if someone wrote a post "why you should get married" I think it would have been a much better idea to write a "things you can do for fun when single" And this is all just my opinion I am not speaking for anybody else. And I certainly am not trying to bash single people. I respect what someone else wants for themselves.

Been married. Tried it once. Never again! This might have been written as a tongue in cheek list, but it's pretty spot on! Sorry Thomas, most of your reasons for marriage further explain why it's a bad idea. 1. It's NOT a woman's job to turn a boy in to a husband. If he's not grown in to a man already, nby himself, he's not worth bothering with. And I can protect and provide for myself quite adequately already, thank you. When my oven broke, I fixed it myself. Ditto my car. Women like my grandmother built a whole air force worth of planes in WW2. We're quite capable by ourselves. 2. You're assuming I'd let anyone "knock me up." You're assuming all women want children. Wrong! 3. Single people without children are often wealthier than couples with children. 4. Really? What could you possibly know about the quality of my sex life? 5. Really? What evidence do you base that on. Someone prepared to cheat will do so whether married or unmarried. 6. Children again? We've covered that one! 7. You may have a point, but it's only an advantage if you're the one who gets sick and dies first. It's a pretty horrible experience for the other partner. 8. Not all relationships are heterosexual. Whilst that doesn't preclude marriage, it does mean that you were only considered one subset of people. My advice, based on life experience. You can be completely happy with no partner, no children, but instead a fulfilling career, good friends, and a dog!

I wish I would of read this sooner. I am married and did it young too. I'm ready to be my own person again. I want to be independent and free.

The first reason this article gives is soooo stupid. If you're broke, just go to the courthouse; that's it. No need for an expensive wedding; I didn't had one with my husband, and we're super happy.

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