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7 Reasons Why Dating a Friend May Work ...

By Alison

There are many reasons why dating a friend may work. Even if you've always thought that you should never turn a friendship into romance, it can actually be a great idea. People worry that they may be risking their friendship, but in some cases it can really pay off. Here are some of the reasons why dating a friend may work …

1 You Know Each Other

One of the reasons why dating a friend may work is that you know each other well. There aren't likely to be any unpleasant surprises. We've all dated a guy who seemed nice on the first few dates, then turned into a psycho who wanted to know your every move. When you date a friend, you know what they're like already. Since they're your friend, they're probably a decent person - which is what most of us want in a partner.

2 Shared Values

We tend to hang around with people who share our views and outlook on life. So whatever is important to you may well be equally important to your friends. If you want a family, or couldn't date someone who drank to excess, you'll know if your friends share your values.

3 Avoid Awkwardness

Do you think that you could never date a friend? It can actually avoid a lot of the awkwardness that comes with getting to know a new partner. Sure, you're building a different kind of relationship and that takes some getting used to. But you know and like this person, and you also know that you're comfortable being around them.

4 Growing Attraction

It's difficult when one friend wants something more, and the other doesn't. But if you're honest, you both know when you've been feeling a growing attraction to each other. So if you've both been getting interested, then acting on that could really pay off. It could lead to the best relationship you've ever had.

5 Smooth Transition

Some people feel awkward at the thought of turning a friendship into something more. Yet it can also work extremely well. It may take some courage to go for it, but if you're both interested then the transition from friends to partners can be quite smooth. Let things develop naturally and see where it goes.

6 You Know You like Each Other

When you date a friend, you know that you like each other as people. That's a pretty good foundation for a relationship, as the most durable partnerships often regard the other as their best friend. It's hard work keeping a relationship going; you need to genuinely like the other person and not just base it on physical attraction. The latter kind of relationships really don't last.

7 Easy

Finding someone that you actually want to date isn't that easy. If you start seeing a friend, the hard work of finding someone to date is already done. You don't have to hang around in bars hoping to meet someone worth getting to know or trawl through thousands of profiles on dating sites.

Of course you don't want to risk a friendship, but dating a friend can really pay off. You can find a deep, rewarding relationship with someone who shares your views and ambitions. Just be sure that they're interested before you make your move! Have you ever dated a friend, and how did it work out?

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