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10 Reasons Why Dating outside of Your Nationality is Absolutely Awesome ...

By Sici

Thanks to the growing presence of multiculturalism in pretty much every country of the world, one thing that is much more prominent than it used to be is the act of dating, having a relationship with, and even marrying someone who is a different nationality to you. I think that sticking just to someone from the same country as you is extremely limiting. Why would you stay with one flavour in the chocolate box when you can sample everything instead!? Here are ten reasons why dating outside of your nationality is absolutely awesome.

1 New Language

It gives you the chance to learn parts of a new language organically, rather than in the confines of a boring classroom that you don’t want to be in in the first place! Learning a language from someone you love is much more special, and you get a more authentic experience than just reading a textbook.

2 Good Conversation

You will literally never run out of cool conversation topics, because there will be so much interesting difference between your cultural experiences that you could fill up a lifetime just chatting about the things that you love and the things that you want to share with one another.

3 Cute Accent

Recent romance studies have shown that people are much more attracted to those who have a different, more exotic accent than them, so snagging yourself a foreigner means that you will be able to hear that accent every single day!

4 Mystery

No matter where in the world they come from, it isn’t your own country, and therefore it makes them that little bit more mysterious and exotic. I tend to think that this mystery translates into being more sexy!

5 Friends and Family

Your friends and family will enjoy having someone from a different background being brought into the fold, and the same goes on your partner’s side too. The cute accent and the cultural differences will be just as appealing to them as it is to you!

6 Learn about Culture

Dating someone from another country gives you a great opportunity to learn about and experience parts of a culture that isn’t your own. Life is too short to stay within you own small existence, it’s great to branch out and learn new things!

7 More Celebrations

If your new partner is from a country that has different holidays and celebration days to you, then that just adds a whole new set of fun days and events to your calendar!

8 Learn to Listen

A slight language barrier forces you to become a much better and more perceptive listener, which can then improve your attitude and abilities in other areas of your life too!

9 Fun Reunions

With a foreign partner, family reunions aren’t so boring anymore! You get to go to theirs too, and theirs are bound to be a different experience to the ones that you have been so used for your whole life.

10 Fascination

All of those feelings you have about them, how interesting and fascination their culture is, they will be feeling all the same feelings about you which makes for a much more connected and engaged couple!

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