7 Reasons Why First Love is so Powerful ...


There is no specific reason why first love is so powerful, because it’s an accumulation of small details that make it momentous. It’s filled with intense and passionate emotions that you think will last forever, which may be the reason why everyone says first love is hard to forget. However, it makes perfect sense because it’s the first time you truly love and feel loved by a person outside your family. Even when that relationship is over, it remains as a big part of who you are. So in case you were wondering, here are a number of reasons why first love is so powerful.

1. Experience Feelings for the First Time

The second you fall in love for the first time, you suddenly realize the difference between loving someone and liking someone. You notice that having a crush on someone is nothing compared to loving a person unconditionally. Getting a sudden surge of emotions that you may have never felt before and being introduced to those feelings for the first time is why first love is so powerful.

Memories Will Last Forever


Luckily, I am still with my first love. He is incredible, when trying to describe our relationship it leaves me without words .. When we are happy it's amazing. Sure there's plenty of ups and downs bu...
My first was epic, we still care about each other and text from time to time but we have both moved on and are very happy😄
@Kalin maybe you should be married if you think you are still inlove with your first
Beautiful.. Almost indescribable... It was a person I had turned down in the past and by sheer coincidence ran into him again a few years later I wasn't attracted to him when I first met him but that ...
10 years & I still get butterflies 😒
Love this article..it explains everything I've been feeling..I've been married for two years now & I still think about my first love everyday..deep down I feel like one day we might be together ag...
I'm still with my first love and we have been together for almost 6 years now! I love him so much and even tho we have had tough times such as having a long distance relationship for the last 2 years ...
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