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Understanding Why It's Cool to Embrace the Single Life ...

By Leyla

A lot of us don't like being single. We worry too much about what others will think or when the next boyfriend will come along. Stop. Breathe. And enjoy your single status. Here's guest contributor Leyla Javadova's post on why it's perfectly okay to be single.

I'm sure you've had those "Why Not Me?" thoughts when you see couples holding hands and canoodling near you. Stop worrying and being hard on yourself. It's great to be single! Here's why:

1 Finding Yourself

Being single gives you the chance to find yourself personally and professionally. Take different classes and learn more about your interests and hobbies. Take the time to enjoy your own presence. Have Me-Time with a margarita!

2 Stabilize Yourself in a Career

Not having that loved one gives you more time to concentrate on your work. Take the time to grow in your professional life and take the needed exams or courses in order to improve yourself. You may not realize the importance of it right now but you will someday.

3 Finding the Right One

Being single doesn't mean that you're ugly or unwanted. You're single because you won't settle for just anyone. You deserve a man who's willing to stay when you're going through a rough time, someone who will shop with you, cook with you, travel with you, and share your dreams and hopes. Don't settle for less. Know your value!

4 Exploring Your Choices

Not being in a relationship means you can meet different men to find that 'right guy'. It's okay to date and explore your options. Dating doesn't have to immediately translate to a relationship, it means you're expanding your social circle and seeing what's out there. So put on a sexy dress, your sexy smile, and have fun on those dates!

5 Unlimited 'YOU' Time

You want to have a girls' night? You need to have a spa day all to yourself? Done and done! Of course, you can do these things even when you're in a relationship, but when you're single, you don't have to think about anything or anyone. You have more 'Me' time to enjoy and to cherish. As mentioned above in #1, take the time to know yourself. Oh and hey, you don't have to shave your legs, take short showers or take those extra few minutes to look good for 'somebody' - do all those things for yourself.

6 Travel Time

When you're in a relationship, traveling can be somewhat difficult to do since you're thinking about his availability also. When it's just you, you can simply buy that airplane ticket and travel the world. Nothing beats exploring places you've never been to. Traveling can also be a good way to find your inner stability and calmness.

7 Be Alone, Not Lonely

There's a huge difference between being alone and being lonely. It's okay to be alone to live, to grow, or even to explore. Don't look at yourself in the mirror and whisper the question 'Why?' thinking that you're lonely. You're not. You're single, alone, and need to learn to love that state.

Look at the bathroom mirror and smile. The woman you see in front of you is single and fabulous! And remember, in order to be loved, you must love yourself first. What's your favorite part about being single?

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