7 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Never Work out for New Couples ...


There are plenty of reasons why long distance relationships never work out for new couples. Recently I have witnessed the struggle of many long distance couples and I have come to a realization that almost every single one of them ended in a break up. As a new couple, you go through a period when you want to see each other every second and that is almost impossible when you are miles away. This and many other reasons is why long distance relationships never work out, especially for new couples.

1. Jealousy

No matter what type of person you are, you are bound to experience some jealousy while your other half is miles away. I think that at some point during a long distance relationship paranoia gets the best of you and you begin to imagine things that might not even be happening. Your jealousy just increases with time as you begin to hear stories and see pictures on social media. This is just one of the reasons why long distance relationships never work out.

Lack of Trust


"Never" is way too strong. "Usually" would be the better term to use.
Or its to have someone fill the void. A texting buddy if you will. Little did I know he was recovering from a break up and needed someone... Anyone... Me, to fill his void. It was safe because I wasn'...
I completely agree with @easmoot My boyfriend is in the army and we are doing very well. Long distance relationships make you become even closer then you thought and seeing each other after all that t...
@easmoot your smart cookie
I think long distance relationships take more time and effort than any other relationship. You have to be there for the other person even though you aren't directly near them. I also think they can te...
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