7 Reasons to Play Hard to Get That May Intrigue You ...

By Alicia

We hear a lot of jokes about this subject but the truth is that there are very real reasons to play hard to get. It turns out that this can work in your favor if you do it the right way. It can get a relationship off to the best possible start and give you a great future together. Consider these reasons to play hard to get.

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Don’t Play Hard to Get, Be Hard to Get

One of the best reasons to play hard to get is because you are hard to get. Being hard to get means that you have standards that a guy has to measure up to if he is hoping to have a chance with you. It means that you are not going to settle for a second-rate guy. It also means you are not going to settle for second-rate treatment, either. Playing hard to get means that you demand he makes an effort and that is a great thing.


It Works

You know, there is a reason that this strategy is still being talked about. That is because it works. Playing hard to get will get his interest and keep it. On the off chance that it doesn’t work, that is a good thing too, but we will talk about that in my number five point. Let’s move on and see what other reasons why this is a good thing.


He Will Enjoy the Challenge

If you play hard to get, it is not mistreating a guy. On the contrary, most guys will enjoy the challenge. The trick is knowing exactly how hard you should be to get. I think the answer lies in making them work a little bit for your time and attention, but definitely letting your interest show if it is there. A girl who isn’t easy to win is a challenge, which guys enjoy.


It Makes You a Prize

When you play hard to get, you are a challenge. You are something to win. This makes you a prize. Therefore, when a guy does put forth the effort to win your attention and eventually your heart, he is going to feel like the king of the world. He will believe wholeheartedly that you are the treasure he has been searching for.


It Weeds Them out

This tactic weeds out the guys you don’t want to fool with or those who are not the kind of guy you want anyways. If a guy does not want to put forth a little effort to win your attention and your feelings then he does not have much interest in you in the first place. Playing hard to get will not discourage the guys that have real and true interest in you. It will endear you to them and make them even more determined to win you. I think the key here is to have high standards and not make it too easy for a guy to get access to you. You do want to give him access but just not too easily.

Famous Quotes

Meaning is not what you start with but what you end up with.

Peter Elbow

It Proves Your Worth

Playing hard to get proves your worth. It lets him know that you know you are a worthwhile prize. It tells him that you have standards and are not going to stand for just anything. That gets a lot of trouble out of the way for you. You won’t have to try to explain those things to him because he will have gotten the message on that when you played hard to get in the beginning of your relationship.


It Gives You Space to Think

Playing hard to get gives you space to think. If he asks you on a date, you can have him call you for the answer. You can tell him yes, you would love to go out but make him wait a few days. This gives you space to think about your blooming relationship. It gives you time to sort your new feelings for him.

There are a lot of valid reasons for playing hard to get. Have you played hard to get? How did it work out for you?

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100% agree with this. My boyfriend said the fact he had to work to impress me showed him I knew what I wanted and wasn't just looking for any old relationship. It shows self worth and made him step up

This is true

True story... It's a "old fashion" technique that a lot of girls my age don't use, especially when it comes to intimate relations.

True.. yet some jerks/ player will still hold on until they get you and then dump you. It's important to be true to yourself- so that whatever may happens its easy to move on without regrets- because you did the best and were the honest one in the relationship. So if that was great- best is yet to come when both of them are true to each other-" magical" "heaven made match"

Playing hard to get definitely works and it keeps the guys mind going, so if he asks you out on Wednesday and you say "how about Friday?" It'll keep him wondering what you're doing and if there's other people involved. And if he's the jealous type this will work in your advantage :) just do not tell him what you're up to. Never tell a man that you're playing hard to get.

Dayum the lurv moktor is on fire u work it girlfriend xx69

I think the moral of this article is to have self worth. Without it, you will never be happy. With or without a man, love yourself and take some time to find your truth.

Don't think it is about playing hard to get and every man is different .The matter of fact is if u spend ur time trying to play hard to get you might let the guy for you pass you by.Things have changed over the years if a guy feels your being long he just find another woman that simple.Also women aren't prizes l think no one should play games just say what you want and if he can't give you that then it is up to you to settle or leave .