7 Reasons Why Your Life Shouldn't Revolve around Him ...


More than likely you have a guy in your life and I would like to tell you why your life shouldn’t revolve around him. It is never a good thing when you make the choice to focus too much of your life around your boyfriend or husband. There are much better ways to have a relationship with him. Let me tell you some specific reasons why your life shouldn’t revolve around him.

1. He May Leave

One of the reasons why your life shouldn’t revolve around him is that he may leave. Hopefully that will not happen, especially if you are married, but it is possible. He cannot and should not be your whole life. If you allow him to be and he does leave you, what have you got left? Nothing but a life in shreds.

You Could Lose Your Friends


Jasmine Luby
boys can definitely get needy too though
They are all so true! Ive been in this relationship for almost 3 years. At the beginning its all perfect and passionate and then evolves to a more companionate relationship. Apperantely girls always g...
Surely gets boring shortly after!! It also imposes pressure on him to meet your expectation, and the vice versa is true hey (for them men who build their worlds around their ladies-I have ever come across such cases)
Diana WhiteRabbit
I do not understand this at all...if your friendship is for sure real and serious none of the mentioned things will happen and even if some do it is good in the end e.g: friends leaving for example,no real friend will leave you due to the guy!
Have you ever noticed its never the guys who become needy but the girls! I wonder if it has something to do with our emotions
exactly at the right moment when I needed this. I want to spend time with my boyfriend but I tend to do everything around him. I never focus on myself
@Michelle Louise don't forget honesty and loyalty!!!!
Michelle Louise
Relationships are all about give and take. It works for me.
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