10 Reasons You're Way More Amazing than You Think ...


10 Reasons You're Way More Amazing than You Think ...
10 Reasons You're Way More Amazing than You Think ...

Don't assume that you're never going to get a boyfriend. You're more desirable than you think. Don't believe it? Listen to what Your Tango has to say. Here are all the reasons why you're more amazing than you think:

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It's Not All about Looks

It's Not All about Looks Even if you're not drop dead gorgeous, who cares? There are other qualities men care about more than your looks.


Beauty is Unique to the Person

Beauty is Unique to the Person Some men like big butts. Other men like small butts. No matter what you look like, there are people who will find you attractive.


Beauty Transcends Society's Ideals

Beauty Transcends Society's Ideals What society views as beautiful changes by the second. That means your body type might be in style next year, so don't forget to love yourself.


Knowledge and Experience Are Sexy as Hell

Knowledge and Experience Are Sexy as Hell Your face and body aren't the only things that make you pretty. Your mind can, too.


And Not Giving a Damn is Even Hotter

And Not Giving a Damn is Even Hotter Stop caring about what others think, because it'll make you more laid back. That means others will start to admire you more.


Everyone Has That Special "thing" They do, Including You

Everyone Has That Special "thing" They do, Including You There's something about you that makes you different than everyone else. Embrace it, because that's what makes you special.


You're Only Human

You're Only Human Everyone has flaws, so you should stop focusing on yours. Your crush certainly isn't paying any attention to them.


We Are Always More Harsh on Ourselves

black and white, image, darkness, monochrome photography, monochrome, When it comes to ourselves, we are the hardest critics. While we may see every thing as an imperfection, the world is not studying and critiquing you as hard as you are yourself.


Your Experiences Are Fascinating to Others

You Can T Twerk with Us, black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, model, Everyone has done something fantastic during their lifetime. Perhaps you've got a special talent, you've travelled abroad, you've won a competition, or you've got a really interesting family history. Having this unique experiences makes you sexy and interesting.



facial expression, person, woman, girl, beauty, Confidence is one of the sexiest attributes. For some, it may be hard to agree that they're positively stunning but if you can at least fake it, soon - that confidence will transcend and you will truly see what an amazing person you are.

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We're all 10's here lol

Lovely messages beautiful ladies .. just what I needed tonight , thank you !!! Xx

Weird how this made me feel even worse...

I love this ❤️ it's beautiful

Believe it !!!

#7 gif is my fav

Looks matter, however if you don't have the personality to go with it then you'll only go so far in relationships.. Looks are the initial attraction, granted but personality is what you fall in love with the more you get to know the person.. Looks change as we get older, personality doesn't - your heart stays the same :)

One person I care to see me beautiful

I'm a 10 hell yeah!!!

I agree, we are all of us beautiful...however, one of THE biggest lies told everyday is "looks don't matter." Oh YES, looks matter! And looks are far more important socially and economically for women than for men😡! I get Holly's point, and it is worth taking to heart! But, girls, do not for one moment believe that in the "real world" looks don't matter...because they do❗️

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