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7 Ridiculous Myths about Bisexual Women ...

By Holly

It's almost 2016, which means that it's time for ignorance about sexuality to end. If you're bisexual, it's nothing to be ashamed of. If you're straight, gay, pan, or any other sexuality, you should still know a few things about bisexuals, so you don't end up offending anyone in the future. Here are a few of the most ridiculous myths about bisexual women that need to come to an end:

1 They Want Threesomes

They Want Threesomes Bisexual women are capable of falling for another woman, or falling for a man. But that doesn't mean that they want to be with both genders at the same time. They're entirely capable of being monogamous. Most bisexuals want to be in committed relationships, which means they're only going to be kissing and sleeping with one person at a time.

2 They Don’t Exist

They Don’t Exist Bisexuals exist. It's actually more common than you think for women to be attracted to other women, even though they're also attracted to men. Of course, if a bisexual ends up marrying a man, it doesn't mean she's no longer bisexual. It just means she found the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, who just so happened to be a male.


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3 They’re Trying to Impress Men

They’re Trying to Impress Men It's no secret that men love to see two women kissing. However, bisexuals aren't going to date another girl just to impress a man. It makes zero sense. The only reason a bisexual is going to sleep with a girl is because that's what she genuinely wants to do. It's for her. Not for anyone else.

4 They’re Confused

They’re Confused Some people will claim that bisexuals are confused, because they wrongly assume that women can only be straight or gay. However, that's far from the truth. Most people don't fall on one side of the fence. A lot of us will have girl crushes mixed in with our boy crushes. Have you ever heard of the Kinsey Scale? It says that "sexual orientation is really a scale from hetereosexualiy to homosexuality." That means that you can fall somewhere in between being completely heterosexual and homosexual.

5 They’re More Likely to Cheat

They’re More Likely to Cheat Some people think that bisexuals are more likely to cheat, because they're capable of being attracted to men and women. Of course, that's ridiculous. If you like someone, you're going to be loyal to them. It doesn't matter how many other attractive people walk by. Bisexuals still have self control.

6 They’re Attracted to Everyone

They’re Attracted to Everyone Straight women aren't attracted to every single guy they see. It's the same with bisexuals. They aren't going to love every person they meet. They still have their own "type" and their own standards.

7 It’s a Phase

It’s a Phase Your sexuality isn't a phase. You aren't going to grow out of it. In fact, you're going to grow into it. Over time, you'll learn to be more comfortable with your sexuality. Of course, you don't have to put a label on yourself. If you're not sure if you should call yourself bisexual or straight or pansexual or demisexual, then don't call yourself anything at all. You like who you like. That's it.

Now that you know all of these myths are completely ridiculous, you can inform your friends! Have you figured out what sexuality you fall under?

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