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8 Romantic Reasons to Still Believe in True Love ...

By Lisa

If you’ve been feeling a little cynical on the relationship front, I’ve got 8 real reasons to still believe in true love! Before you roll your eyes, hear me out! There have actually been studies done by Stonybrook University in New York on true love. Using brain scans, researchers found that true love does in fact exist and it lasts a lifetime! So whether you’re a true love proponent or opponent, keep reading for some reasons to keep on believing!

1 To Have a Fairytale Ending

Fairytales aren’t the reason why I believe in true love but they sure put the idea in my young, impressionable mind! As children we got accustomed to fairytale endings where we find our Prince Charming and live happily ever after, so why should we be convinced otherwise? Our modern day Prince Charming might not look or act like the storybook type but so what? There is living proof of true love and happy endings, so why give up?

2 To Have 'That' Loving Feeling

Could I sound more nauseating about a reason to believe in true love? I sure can! If you’ve ever experienced love in any form, for a family member, friend or pet you know that it feels good to love and be loved. So imagine what it’s like to find your true love, it’s like skipping over rainbows with Boo the dog and eating calorie-free cake! Scientists even found that falling in love affects our brains like addiction, get hooked!

3 To Prove Others Wrong

If you’re one of the few who don’t need any reasons to believe in true love because you already do, keep on believing to prove others wrong! While believing in true love doesn’t necessarily guarantee it, the more receptive you are to the possibility of it, the more of chances you have of it finding you! Think about it, how many people do you know who’ve totally given up on love and then magically found it?

4 To Have a Love That Love Songs Are Written about

Finding your true love doesn’t mean you should try to make others jealous, but it’s great to have a kind of love that others talk about! All of those stories, songs, haikus and other compositions were made with someone’s true love in mind so you know it can happen and you have every reason to believe it can happen to you!

5 It’s Good for You

If feeling good isn’t one of the good reasons to believe in true love, than I don’t know what is! When you experience love our levels of dopamine increase which can have positive outcomes in our lives! Increased dopamine can be credited for increased energy, a more positive outlook and overall happiness. Finding true love can be good for your body and brain!

6 For Unconditional Love

Finding true love means you will love and be loved without conditions and limitations. Having a partner in life who loves you wholly and completely means you are treasured for being exactly who are you and totally gets you. You might think of yourself as quite peculiar, but there is someone out there who appreciates all of your quirky qualities and loves you for you.

7 To Have Someone to Spend Your Life with

Another reason to believe in true love and all its glory is to look forward to spending your life with someone. Planning your future together, looking forward to sharing good news are all part of the great things about being in love. Sure you could do this with anyone, but it’s so much more meaningful doing so with your true love!

8 Because We Believe in Anecdotal Evidence

Whether we honestly believe in anecdotal evidence or not, there’s a ton of it out there that says true love happens! We’ve all heard the stories, your friend’s friend’s cousin found her true love after a horrible breakup and they’ve been happy ever since. We all know someone who has found their true love and there is absolutely no reason that you’re not next in line!

These reasons to believe in true love might sound trite, but there are believers out there and there’s no reason not to be one of them! Being in love is incredible and when you find that one person who is your true blue love, you’re probably going to turn into one of those annoying people who you used to make fun of! Do you believe in true love?

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