17 Adorable 😊 Selfie 🀳🏼 Ideas πŸ’‘ for Couples πŸ’‘ Who Have Been Together Forever ⏳ ...


It doesn't matter if you want the world to see how cute you are, or if you're only taking the pictures for a personal scrapbook. Either way, you should snap more pictures than usual, so you have memories to look back on! Here are a few photo ideas for couples:

1. On the Beach

When it gets warm enough, head to the beach with your boyfriend. Then you can take a picture on the sand together. You don't even have to ask him to face the camera in order to look adorable.

From Far Away


Vanessa Jone
This is really amazing
Breanna Zorabedian
Unless you two are doing something that requires it
Breanna Zorabedian
I disagree with matching outfits. Idk it just is my opinion
Pinkz Marquillero
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