17 Cheesy πŸ§€ Relationship Moments That Are Always on Instagram πŸ’‘ ...

Some couples are cheesy. Even people who aren't cheesy as a general rule can get a little mushy when they're coupled up. Since making things Instagram official is a must for many millennial couples, it makes sense that the app is overflowing with romantic photos that are so cheesy, you can practically smell them. I say this as someone who regularly posts the cheesiest, soppiest, sappiest photos with her wife. Nothin' wrong with that. Are you and your lovah Instagram official? If so, I bet you'll fall prey to one or more of these cheesy relationship moments that always pop up on the 'gram.

1. The Standard Couple Selfie

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You know the one. You and your boo, candid but still gorgeous, showing off how #blessed you are. That being said, though … how precious are Chrissy and John, for real? They're so in love!

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