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17 Cheesy Relationship Moments That Are Always on Instagram ...

By Lyndsie

Some couples are cheesy. Even people who aren't cheesy as a general rule can get a little mushy when they're coupled up. Since making things Instagram official is a must for many millennial couples, it makes sense that the app is overflowing with romantic photos that are so cheesy, you can practically smell them. I say this as someone who regularly posts the cheesiest, soppiest, sappiest photos with her wife. Nothin' wrong with that. Are you and your lovah Instagram official? If so, I bet you'll fall prey to one or more of these cheesy relationship moments that always pop up on the 'gram.

1 The Standard Couple Selfie

The Standard Couple SelfieYou know the one. You and your boo, candid but still gorgeous, showing off how #blessed you are. That being said, though … how precious are Chrissy and John, for real? They're so in love!

2 The Hand Holding Shot

The Hand Holding ShotCaption idea: “Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.” Special prize to anyone who can Name That Song.


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3 Legs in Laps

Legs in LapsThis sweet, cheesy shot has several variations. I particularly love the photos where the legs are so tangled, you can't tell where one person ends and the other begins.

4 Lovers in Laps

Lovers in LapsA snap of your boo sprawled over your lap is pretty much a must, especially when you want to show off how happy and fulfilled you are.

5 The Mirror Selfie

The Mirror SelfieUsually snagged in an elevator, but any spot with a full-length mirror works.

6 Helping Hand

Helping HandThere are not enough of these shots – I say that only because I know the short struggle. Heather never lets me do this, though. She just laughs at me and then gets whatever I'm reaching for herself. No fun, Heather.

7 The Kisses

The KissesKissing shots are pretty much a prerequisite. Yeah, they're cheesy as hell, but at the same time, they're so sweet!

8 The “she Said Yes” Shot

The “she Said Yes” ShotSometimes it's an actual engagement announcement, sometimes it's just a shot of the ring. Heather and I are guilty of this twice over – two brides, two proposals, two engagement rings, after all.

9 When the Girlfriend Cooks

When the Girlfriend CooksTo be honest, I like these 'grams better when they involve a food fail. I am a mean, nasty person.

10 Chowing down

Chowing downThis cheesy shot may or may not include cheese. It goes beyond the traditional food porn shot since it has to feature at least one-half of the happy couple, chowing down on date night.

11 The First Anniversary (preferably with Presents)

The First Anniversary (preferably with Presents)I get this, though. Making it to one whole year is pretty impressive. Everything's still so shiny and new. And #blessed.

12 Matching Tattoos

Couple tattoos are catching on (again) in a big way. Fortunately, people seem to be moving on from the horrifically bad idea of having their partner's name tattooed on them. That's just asking for trouble.

13 The #AfterSexSelfie

The #AfterSexSelfieI mean. Good for you? Glad you got some! Get that afterglow on! Every time I see one these, though, I just picture someone being like, “Oh my god, oh my god, I'm gonna cum – but first, lemme take a selfie.”

14 Game Night in Undies

Game Night in UndiesCheesy? Yes. Adorable? Yes. Come on. Playing games in your underwear is always fun.

15 That Disney Dip

That Disney DipI get it, though. There's no better place to take a couple-selfie. I mean, it's Disney. That's where happily ever afters are supposed to come true.

16 The Big Ask

The Big AskThis is meta cheese. It even acknowledges how cheesy it is. It's also adorable, though. I hope she said yes. There's pizza involved, after all.

17 All Tangled up

All Tangled upOne last time: awww!

I think it's sweet when couples share their love. Some couples take it overboard, sure, but who cares? The world needs a little more love. Tell me, though – have you taken any cheesy photos with your special someone?

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