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Sex Positions That Will Make Him Last Longer ...

By Sici

When it comes to sex and the various different issues and problems that arise from it, there is no doubt that the ‘staying power’ of a male partner ranks highly for many people! Us ladies aren’t looking for anything spectacular, we don’t need to go and go for hours, but someone lasting more than a couple of minutes is something that we all want to have in our love lives! If this is a problem that you are currently facing, then this might be of some help. Here are some sex positions that will make him last longer.

1 Sitting

Have him sit on the bed or the floor cross legged and then lower yourself onto his lap. Straddling like this allows you to control the tempo of the sex, as well as the depth of the penetration, so you have all the power when it comes to taking things nice and slow in order for him to last longer and give you more satisfaction from the love making.

2 The Cross

Have him lay on his side facing you, and then lay on your back so that you are 90 degrees to him. Drape your legs over his hips and proceed to penetrate from here, and this position is great because it delays his arousal slightly. He isn’t as able to move as other positions so there is less chance of him thrusting away too quickly and climaxing before you are satisfied.

3 Spooning

Spooning is an oldie but a goodie! There is lot more grinding involved in spooning than actual penetration, which can lead to both of you getting a lot of satisfying friction without him being sent over the edge too quickly. It’s also the perfect position for finishing and then taking a nice nap without having to move at all!

4 Cowgirl

This is another position that gives you the power of being on top, and therefore controlling the tempo and roughness of the sex. It really is like riding a horse. If you feel him getting over excited and ready to blow, you can make the decision to slow down for a bit to keep the ‘race’ going!

5 Foreplay

Don’t forget about all of the wonderful things that you can do during foreplay! Foreplay doesn’t just have to be about getting him hard so that you can move on to penetration, if you know that he isn’t going to last as long as you want him to, then make sure that he gives you more pleasure with his hands and mouth in the run up to the ‘main event’!

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