Sex Positions πŸ›Œ You Have Probably πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Never 🚫 Tried πŸ™Š ...


Hey, there, ladies! Do you want to have an orgasm each and every time that you have sex? I am going to give you the top ten positions that you must try. You might have heard about some of them but most of them will be new to you.

A bit of caution: You might be eager to try every one of them right now but it is important for you to take your time so you can experiment with everyone. These sex positions are wonderful for many people but that doesn’t mean they will be wonderful for you. Don’t worry about it if you prefer some over others. In the end, it will be all about your personal preference.

1. Thigh Tide

This position is one you’ve probably never tried before. Have your man lie on his back and keep one leg straight against the bed. The other leg he will bend at the knee with his foot flat on the bed. You will sit down on his lap with you facing away from him. You are going to straddle his bent leg. You should be on your knees with your chest facing his knee. Now you have the perfect position to grab his knee and grind on his lap and against his thigh. Holding onto his knee also helps you keep your stability



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