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The 17 Biggest Turn Ons for Men ...

By Holly

It's hard to group all men into one category, because everyone has a different personality. Of course, there are some things that are universally true, like what turns men on. Nine times out of ten, these things will turn your boyfriend on:

1 Seeing You Wear His Clothes

person,sense,ACCESS,LIVE, You don't have to wear a little black dress to impress him. If you walk around the house with his oversized shirt on, he's going to start drooling.

2 Eating Food You've Cooked for Him

, It doesn't matter if you're a five star chef or if you're only capable of whipping him up some macaroni and cheese. Men just love to eat.

3 Seeing You in Lingerie

black,black and white,clothing,lingerie,monochrome photography, Men are visual creatures. They love to see your body in tiny outfits meant for their eyes only.

4 Letting You Sit on His Lap

dance,black and white,performing arts,entertainment,team sport, It doesn't matter if you two are in private or in public. Either way, sitting on his lap is bound to make him think about sleeping with you.

5 Hearing You Whisper

human action,person,nose,mouth,kiss, There's something sexy about hearing a woman whisper. Of course, you'd have to say something sexy. Talking about your rash isn't going to cut it.

6 Catching a Glimpse of Your Cleavage

person,clothing,woman,lady,girl, We all know how much men love our breasts. If you show a little bit of cleavage when you bend over, he'll be beyond happy.

7 Making Eye Contact

hair,face,person,blond,hairstyle, Yes, something as simple as this can turn him on. If you give him bedroom eyes that show that you're in the mood, then he's going to get in the mood, too.

8 Getting Teased by You

human action,black and white,person,image,monochrome photography, If you tease him by touching his thighs or leaning in so your lips are almost touching, it's going to turn him on. The anticipation of touching you is too much for him.

9 Smelling Your Perfume

man,nose,finger,photography,close up, Your scent can turn him on as much as your looks can. That's why you should always have a delicious perfume in your pocketbook to spritz on before a date.

10 Watching You Initiate a Kiss

mouth,screenshot,interaction,emotion,romance, Men like it when their girlfriends take charge. Don't wait for him to make a move, because he'd rather watch you make the move yourself.

11 Seeing How Confident You Are

blond,screenshot,OnLIne, Confidence is the sexiest quality a woman could have. Strut your stuff, because you're more beautiful than you realize.

12 Seeing You in High Heels

BBC Music Magazine,performing arts,performance art,dance,leg, Men love high heels, because they'll make your booty and breasts stand out more. It's all about posture.

13 Knowing You’re Turned on

hair,human hair color,human action,face,person, Men are turned on when they know they've turned you on. So if he does something sexy, make sure to compliment him on it.

14 Watching You Exercise

human action,person,sports,press up,physical fitness, Fitness is sexy, especially when you do yoga moves. After all, there's nothing hotter than the downward dog.

15 Watching You Change

photograph,black and white,monochrome photography,monochrome,fashion, It shouldn't be surprising to you that a man will get turned on by watching you change. So if you want to drive your boyfriend crazy, put on a new outfit in front of him.

16 Hearing You Tell Dirty Jokes

person,fashion,romance,singing,interaction, Dirty jokes will let him know that sex is on your mind, which is why they'll turn him on so much.

17 Seeing You without a Bra

hair,person,blond,finger,leg, If he knows that you aren't wearing a bra or any underwear, he's going to be fantasizing about what you look like beneath your clothes.

Every man is different, but most of them will be turned on by these simple things. What's your biggest turn on?

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