Sex Tips: 8 Indisputable Mood-Killing Moves and How to Dramatically Turn Things


Sex Tips you’re about to read now are going to help you fix some of the burning issues in your bedroom, turn things around and start enjoying all those passionate moments you could only dream about. Yes, we all need a couple of good sex tips once in a while so don’t be shy- take a peak because I’ve moved heaven and earth today only to bring you the most complete list of everything couples find “disturbing” along with many professional as well as quite interesting sex tips on how to turn the downsides of your sex life into a rollercoaster you’ll both enjoy!

1. Foreplay? What is That?

Some couples can spend hours “playing” before getting down to “business” while others prefer a shorter, wilder version in which foreplay lasts… well… a couple of minutes at most! The rule is that there are no rules, which means your new partner might continue to practice love-making techniques he’s used to and, the best of all sex tips I could give you would be to react and let him/her know that’s not how you like it. Be gentle, keep your voice low and seductive, give him/her your sexiest smirk and your loved one will get it.

He’s Being Exhaustingly Frisky


Spot on Jack. After first round is successfully over, the thought of second round comes straight away and my body is on fire even more than during first time
I think women just fall asleep after sex when they dont manage to cum...cuz if they do they are so alive and energytic and wait for the next
Ur right...
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