7 Intimate Moments We All Crave No Matter Who We Are ...

By Holly

7 Intimate Moments We All Crave No Matter Who We Are ...

No matter our age, there are intimate moments we all crave. Intimacy includes more than just sex and a physical relationship. Being close to someone entails having a close emotional relationship as well. Whether or not you’ve experienced them before, here are some intimate moments we all crave.

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1 Late Night Conversations

One of the intimate moments we all crave is staying up all night and talking about life. When the sun goes down, it’s easier to bare your soul to someone. Have you ever been to a sleepover or had a late night phone conversation where you spill your secrets? It’s nice to put your walls down and speak freely. It doesn’t happen often, which makes the experience all the more exciting.

2 Dancing All Day

Have you ever slow danced with a guy you really loved? Holding someone close to you and swaying to music is a special experience. You’re as close to another person as you can be in public. The music creates a soothing environment that will make you feel relaxed. You’ll feel like you’re in a movie with a sweet soundtrack playing in the background.

3 Helpful Hugs

A simple hug can be just what you need after a bad day. Even after a great day, it’ll make you smile. Hugging is a friendly gesture that shows how much someone cares about you. It’s the most intimate exchange between two friends and should be highly valued. So don’t be shy and hug the ones you love!

4 Sharing Snacks

Have you ever given a spoonful of your ice cream to a mate? Some people are more liberal with their sharing of food than others are. Despite your view on sharing, it’s cute for a couple to taste test food from their partner’s plate. When a guy reaches across the table to give you a bite of his food, it’s a generous act. It shows that he’s willing to share instead of keeping his snacks to himself.

5 Hand Holding

It’s always cute to see a couple with their fingers locked together. Holding hands, whether in public or private, is an intimate gesture. It shows that you care about someone and that you can’t keep your hands off of them. You love having them around and don’t want to let them go. Holding their hand is a reminder that they’re right beside you.

6 Goodbye Kisses

A simple peck can mean more than a full-on make out session. It’s a sweet move that means you care for another person. Why would you lock lips with someone that you’re not interested in? Goodbye kisses show that he’s going to miss you. It’s a moment that you’ll remember until the next time you see him.

7 Dude's Definition

Words are powerful. Hearing someone call you their girlfriend will make your day. It’s one thing to know that you’re dating a great guy, but to hear him say it is even better. The fact that he’s introducing you as his girl means that he’s proud of you. He wants to show you off, because he thinks you’re the greatest thing out there.

We all deserve to have intimate moments with the people we love the most. Have you experienced any of the things on the list? Are there any other moments that should be added?

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I'd add falling asleep in someone's arms, even just a strictly platonic friend - there's no better nights sleep!

We do everything except the goodbye kisses, and when he had introduced me to his friends as his girlfriend I felt happiness erupting inside my heart

@Isabella R. Ah yes, ive had that happen with me too :) so much joy in love!

He even makes me fall asleep when we're watching shows sometimes, just so comfy and relaxed ☺️

I love this post.

What a wonderful post! ^.^

I want no 7 to happen very soon :))

Absolutely love this!!!

Number 7 feels sooooo good!

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